A review of the 4 piece Kubotan keyring with two whistles

Amathings 4 pieces 4 pack Kubotan
Amathings 4 pieces 4 pack Kubotan

If you’re looking for something more versatile when it comes to self-defense and survival, nothing fits that description best like the Kubotan - 4 Pieces key ring with two whistles. These pieces are some very effective means of self-defense and survival. Only weighing a mere 50 grams, you can easily carry them with your keychain and have them hidden so that you can have them ready when faced with danger. It is a suitable choice for both men and women and can be used effectively to fend off an enemy attack. Even with a very small force applied, the Kubotan will amplify that force and give a devastating result on the attacker.

It is a quality piece of self-defense manufactured from a very high-quality aluminum metal which is quite lightweight. The four pieces together with the whistle give you good value for your money and offer the weapon a lot of versatility. You can use the whistle in the wild if lost so that people can find you with ease. Blowing the whistle when under attack will most likely scare off the attacker and give you a means to escape.  

Kubotan is commonly used in martial arts where it is held on the hand, and both sides stick out from the side to harm the attacker. The Kubotan is firmly pressed into the pressure point of the attacker forming him to release you immediately. Some of the best spots to hit include the armpits, knee and inner thighs. The fact that you get two pieces of Kubotan and two pieces of whistle means you can have them in different places. One can be on the keychain while the other on the backpack so that you always have a means to defend yourself wherever you go.

About the product

The Kubotan comes in four different colors with an ergonomic grip for easy handling and keyring for attachment. It is a compact product but one that is very effective when it comes to self-defense. It is made of a lightweight aluminum material so that you don’t feel the weight when carrying it. In fact, it can be hidden and carried on the body without being noticed making it quite reliable when there is a danger.

So, what exactly is this Kubotan? Kubotan is a short rod that goes by other names as the self-defense stick, power stick, palm stick, persuader, tessen and nerve stick. It is firmly held on the hand such that both ends of the stick appear a little distance from the end.

These appearing ends are what cause an impact on the attacker. You can achieve the optimum effect on the attacker by applying 250 pressures on the attacker. What the rod simply does is amplify your force such that a small force from you is amplified by the rod before landing on the attacker. This is the main reason the rod is quite effective for both men and women in self-defense.

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    ​Manufactured of some very high-quality aluminum materials. The rods are quite light and weigh a mere 50 grams which are easy to carry on the keychain
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    ​The rods are available in four-pack pieces and come with a loud SOS whistle signal just in case you get lost in the wild. You can carry one Kubotan with the keychain while the other remains in your backpack
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    ​Ability to amplify sound even when spending very little force
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    ​Four pieces plus two whistles are delivered

Using the Kubotan self-defense rod should not be difficult as the rods have a firm grip and amplify the force you put in.  You should be able to hit the attacker with a maximum force such that they will let go giving you an opportunity to escape.  The sticks are just 14 cm long and easily fit in the palm of your hand. There is no better self-defense weapon for both men and women that is quite effective as the Kubotan 2-4 pieces rods and whistles.

Amathings 4 pieces 4 pack Kubotan

What customers say

Online reviews rate this keychain rod highly and recommend it for both men and women looking for a self-defense weapon.  Most of the customers that have bought it describe it as, “sturdy, cute and what they just wanted.” You will not be making a mistake buying these sticks as they offer a great value for money. You’re getting an amazing four self-defense Kubotan rods and two whistles at a very affordable price.  

You can keep two of the rods and one whistle on the backpack and have the other two on your keychain ready for use when there is an attack. There is no false advertising with these Kubotan rods, and you get a product just as it is described which I think is really good. You can order multiple of these and give as gifts to your friends and families so that they can be secure and safe wherever they go.

Amathings 4 pieces 4 pack Kubotan

Buying advice

There nothing really much to consider once you’ve decided the Kubotan rods are your choice for self-defense keychain weapon.  You just need to head to Amazon where the rods and whistle retail at amazing $8.99 and place your orders right away. You can order several of these to benefit from the Amazon free shipping which starts as from $25 upwards. This simply means ordering three sets of this self-defense Keychain weapon which will cost you around $33 plus free shipping.  

Amathings 4 pieces 4 pack Kubotan

Final Verdict

If you need a compact self-defense weapon that remains concealed at all places, then consider buying the Amathings Kubotan pieces today.  You can be sure of feeling safe knowing you have something that can harm any attacker and give you an escape chance.  Some of the features that make this keychain such important are compactness, lightweight and ability to amplify force.  You don’t need a lot of forcers to cause the serious harm to the attacker, but just a smaller one and the rod will do the rest.

Overall, this is a versatile self-defense weapon for both men and women that you seriously need to consider buying.

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