A review of the Credit Card Knife Stainless Steel by Slimpro Tools

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slimpro tools

Even though we would love to be prepared for any survival situations in the best way possible, modern lifestyle makes carrying a full-sized survival knife unadvisable and impossible. If you have a prepper mind and want to have a portable chisel shaped knife with you always, the Credit Card Knife Stainless Steel by Slimpro Tools is a good choice for you. Credit Card knives are designed to be portable, lightweight, ultra-slim and protective in your pockets. 

The Slimpro Tools meets such requirements for a credit card knife with an ultra-slim and lightweight design that allows you to travel with the knife everywhere you go. It further comes with a protective case that enables you to store the knife in your credit card case or wallet safely. This way, you always have your knife with you during emergencies and survival situations.

If you’ve scoured the internet for a good portable knife, you’ve probably been faced with several models giving you a selection challenge. We recommend the Credit Card Knife Stainless Steel by Slimpro Tools but before buying it read through this review.

About the product

While there are certainly better credit card knives out there, we can’t ignore the fact the Credit Card Knife Stainless Steel by Slimpro Tools is a valuable pick when it comes to functionality and design. The knife comes in handy when opening packages, fishing and performing other lightweight tasks. A safety button can be rotated to lock the blades down and ensure the knife is safe in your pocket. Whenever looking for a credit card knife; safety, portability, and durability are crucial features to check out. Let’s have a look at the main features of the Credit Card Knife Stainless Steel by Slimpro Tools:

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    Lightweight and Ultra-slim - This knife is pretty light weighing a mere 5-ounce. The thickness of the knife is 0.08 inches allowing you to fit it in your pocket easily. You can walk without even noticing there is something in your pocket, wallet, purse or the slim protective case.
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    A blade safety lockThere is a blade safety lock that rotates the safety button to fold down the blades and keep them locked when the knife is not in use. You can be assured of your safety even when you fall with your knife in the pocket.
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    A sturdy grip - The grip of the Credit Card Knife Stainless Steel by Slimpro Tools is made of the durable stainless steel for durability. You can hold the knife firmly and perform several tasks without the fear of the knife breaking down.
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    Protective - This knife can be stored in a slim protective case or wallet and be carried with you wherever you go. The case ensures its sharp blades don’t cut anything by accident.

Overall, the Credit Card Knife Stainless Steel by Slimpro Tools is a great knife that comes in handy for cutting, skinning, fishing and opening packages. Do you need to open a package on Amazon? Get that easily done by buying this credit card knife that will always be with you at all times. It is a pretty sharp knife that can help you during an emergency. During accidents, this knife can be used to cut that safety belt rescuing you to safety.

The fact that it is lightweight think and foldable means you will never lack a cutting solution wherever you go. This is a knife that does what it was designed to do, and you will have little or no complaint about it. It remains highly recommended by the few that have tested it.

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What customers say

The Credit Card Knife Stainless Steel by Slimpro Tools is right at the top when it comes to sharpness and durability of credit card knives. It is one of these few knives that get the job done without stripping or breaking away. It is versatile and can be used to cut fruits, perform various DIY projects and cut a safety belt with ease. You will love its convenience and the way in which it comes handy when you need it most.

There are no major complains about the knife, so I will give it a five star and recommend it to anyone looking for a high-quality credit knife at a bargain price. The pointed tip might be an issue for some people, but that should not be a reason to stop you from buying. Knives with sharp pointed tips have their advantages especially when it comes to survival and self-defense. The sharp tip can also be used to dig and scrap through something.

Credit Card Knife Stainless Steel by Slimpro Tools is a knife that has been tested and has good reviews online. You can buy it with confidence knowing you’re getting a good value for your money. The fact that it works as described makes a worth try.

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Buying advice

Once you’ve decided the Credit Card Knife Stainless Steel by Slimpro Tools is your ideal credit card knife, the best place to buy is Amazon. Here, you get the knife at an amazing price of under $8 which to me is a good deal. A gift wrap is available just in case you want to surprise your boyfriend, dad or buddy. Amazon assures you faster shipping and a genuine Slimpro knife, unlike other third parties where delays in shipping are common.

However, you will cater for the shipping cost as the item retails under the set $25 that gets you free shipping on Amazon. This is a good pick especially when tight on budget but in need of a quality credit knife. It is a general purpose credit card knife that you will find useful in many situations.

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The Final Verdict

Credit Card Knife Stainless Steel by Slimpro Tools has the right features any person would want with a credit card knife. It is lightweight, durable, thin and foldable for easy transportation. The knife firmly locks the blades when it’s not in use to prevent accidents.

You can order this knife today with confidence and know you have a product that will serve you for long. It is a risk-free investment with 100% satisfaction or money back guaranteed. What are you waiting for? Click below and get yours today.

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