A review of the Cyclop’s Sirius 500 Lumens Handheld Rechargeable Spotlight


If you hunt at night then what you need is a spotlight that can spot a coyote from as far as 400 yards.  The Cyclop's Sirius 500 Lumens Handheld Rechargeable Spotlight is a powerful choice for a flashlight with 500 lumens when on the high settings making this torch one of the best on the market.  When your main concern when buying a flashlight is brightness, then you’ve got to choose this flashlight.

Flashlights are great for providing light at night, but the needs for a flashlight might vary. The Cyclop's Sirius 500 Lumens Handheld Rechargeable Spotlight is not your ordinary torch for daily use. This is a more powerful flashlight with capabilities to light up your entire backyard. It is a great deal when you have visitors around and need light outside. 

Your camping experience will be brighter with the Cyclop's Spotlight lighting up the entire camp and making it easier to perform tasks or spend time outside your tent. 

About the product

The Cyclop's Sirius 500 Lumens Handheld Rechargeable Spotlight can be described in just two words; very bright and very powerful. This is a must-have flashlight for any person looking for more power in a torch.  It will provide you with light in two modes of three high power white LED and six white LED. The three LED is ideal for long range while the six white LED works best for immediate area use. With the ability to provide you 500 lumens of light, you will not have any concerns for light.

On the low settings, the flashlight can provide you with 45-lumen output that runs for 12 hours. This is an entire night of light without the need to recharge the batteries.  On the high setting of 500 lumens, users can expect up to three hours of burn time. 

Main features of the Cyclop's Sirius 500 Lumens Handheld Rechargeable Spotlight:

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    The torch is powered by a 6V 2.5h battery included in the package
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    A rubber grip that is ergonomically designed
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    Dual recharge through the AC/DC adaptor
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    Detachable red lens
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    500/30 lumens output
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    20% brighter illumination
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    Two light modes for long and short range

Cyclop's Sirius 500 Lumens Handheld Rechargeable Spotlight comes in a durable black rubber housing to withstand the rigors of outdoor use.  It is a sturdy flashlight that can withstand any falls. The grip of the torch is ergonomically designed allowing for easy use. It has a trigger switch that makes it pretty easy to turn the torch on and off for emergency cases.

Change the focus of the torch to suit your needs with six LED giving you wide coverage for short range. However, when hunting, use the three white LED to have 500 lumens of light that cover a long distance.  The Cyclop is small and compact but still provides users with some of the brightest lights. It weighs 1.5 pounds and can be conveniently carried in your survival kit. 

With a dual charge of AC and DC, you can charge this flashlight at home or inside your car as you drive.  Previous Cyclop flashlight used to provide a maximum of 300 lumens, but this is a much better device for you.  It is a great choice with a wide array of features and a good value for your money.

What customers say

Most customer reviews online on the Cyclop's Sirius 500 Lumens Handheld Rechargeable Spotlight are positive with customers loving the long illumination range.  The illumination range went beyond 500 feet which is quite good when hunting early in the morning. It is a very bright flashlight with a lot of power and a great addition to any home. You get dual charging options at home or inside your car which is quite great. 

The design of the flashlight is also compact and ideal to handle the rigors of nature. It is enclosed in a durable rubber casing and has an ergonomic grip. You can hold it firmly without any worry of the torch slipping.  In fact, most customers that have reviewed this are previous owners of the 300 lumens Cyclop flashlight looking for an upgrade in brightness.

Here is what one customer had to say about this flashlight, “Great light. Very powerful and easy to use. Holds power well. A must-have for anyone who needs a flashlight”.

Overall, this is a well-thought-out flashlight that will have multi-functional use at home or outdoors when camping or hunting.  It is small, compact yet powerful enough to illuminate a distance of 500 yards.  You can be sure it will not disappoint by looking at the high number of positive reviews online.  Go right ahead and buy with confidence knowing you have a flashlight that will serve you well when you need light most. 

Buying advice

Once you decided the Cyclop's Sirius 500 Lumens Handheld Rechargeable Spotlight is your best choice for a flashlight; go right ahead and order yours from Amazon.  The torch meets all the requirements of a high-quality flashlight.  The best flashlight must have the following features:

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    Be sturdily built
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    Small, compact  and lightweight
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    Bright with high light intensities
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    Variable light modes
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    Long lasting batteries and various charging options

These are requirements that the Cyclops meets and there is no reason why you cannot buy one if you need a high-quality flashlight.  Cyclop's Sirius 500 Lumens Handheld Rechargeable Spotlight retails at a reduced price of $43.95 on Amazon which by far is the best price on any platform.  Amazon further gives you free shipping without any delays. The spotlight comes with a manufacturer’s warranty for any defects.

The Final Verdict

Brighten the nights with this amazing Cyclop's Sirius 500 Lumens Handheld Rechargeable Spotlight today and get full value for your money.  It is a top-notch flashlight that is highly recommended and one that meets all your needs for a flashlight.  It is small, compact, sturdily built yet very powerful.

You can order yours today and make camping more enjoyable with good illumination throughout the night.  Make your order today by clicking here.

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