A review of the Fury Tactical SDK with Pressure TiP

Fury Tactical Self Defense Keychain with Pressure Tip, 5.75, Blue
Fury Tactical Self Defense Keychain with Pressure Tip, 5.75, Blue

​If you find yourself walking home alone late at night most of the time, then what you need is a compact self-defense weapon with you. You never know when someone with ill intentions is going to strike. Personal defense weapons are a must-have nowadays in a world where danger lurks everywhere.  If for whatever reason you feel threatened or think someone is stalking you, make sure you have a self-defense keychain with you for defense.

Self-defense key chains are ideal since they can easily be concealed and made to appear just like ordinary key chains. However, they can be deadly and can mean the difference between life and death. One such amazing self-defense keychain is the Fury Tactical Self Defense Keychain (SDK) with a pressure tip.

The Fury Tactical SDK is a handcrafted self-defense keychain made in the USA and one you must have with you at all times to feel secure. It has great grips that offer better control and a pressure tip that can pierce through the skin.  It is lightweight weighing only two ounces and one you can easily carry in your pockets everywhere you go.  Considering it is cheaply priced and nicely engraved to avoid copying, you can buy this one with confidence and know you’re getting good value for your money.

About the product

Designed and crafted in the USA, the Fury Tactical SDK is a top-selling self-defense keychain and rightfully so with a wide range of features.  When buying a tactical keychain, you need to ensure it is effective, lightweight and pretty concealable.  These are features the Fury meets measuring just 5.75 inches to fit in your pocket easily.  It is lightweight and made of aluminum materials and will not put any extra pressure on your keychain.

You can always look for the Fury engraved logo to make sure you get the genuine Fury Tactical SDK . This logo is usually copied poorly so you can always notice. It has finger grooves which offer the perfect grip when using it.

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    ​Lightweight weighing a mere 2 ounces
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    ​Designed and handcrafted in the USA
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    ​Made of aluminum
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    ​It has finger grooves for better grip
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    ​Engraved Fury logo to distinguish it from fake imitations

You can be sure of loving this keychain and having it with you everywhere you go. It is pretty easy to carry and will rarely remain unnoticeable to the attacker. This tactical keychain for self-defense can mean the difference between life and death when faced with danger. While the best action is always to run when faced with danger, you have no option when in a confrontation.  The Fury Tactical SDK with pressure tip will be the perfect surprise for that attacker giving you the opportunity to escape.

Fury Tactical Self Defense Keychain with Pressure Tip, 5.75

What customers say

Most customers that have bought this keychain love it because it is lightweight and easy to conceal. However, despite the small size, it looks like it can do serious damage. It fits perfectly in hand and looks cool. Here is a review from one of the customers.

“For the money, you can't go wrong. This puppy will be great if I ever need to use it for self-defense...which is obviously what it's for! It fits perfectly in my hand, looks cool as hell and is not so big that I can't put it on my key ring. I love it. I'd recommend it to any woman. Just make sure it's legal in your state, and DON'T FORGET TO TAKE IT OFF BEFORE GOING TO THE AIRPORT OR INTO A FEDERAL BUILDING. I forgot when I went to get a replacement Social Security card of all things and forgot that that is a federal bldg. They looked at me like I was trying to take over the country or something. All I ended up having to do was take it off my key ring and take it out to the car, but it was a little embarrassing. Just a word of caution if you decide to purchase. PURCHASE IT. And the silver is very cool btw!!”

Overall, reviews from customers on this keychain are positive so you can buy with confidence knowing it is a tried and tested product that will give you good value for money. The only major issue I think is that it is made of metal and would be a bit hard to pass through the airport for security reasons. It also requires someone who understands how to use it well.

Fury Tactical Self Defense Keychain with Pressure Tip, 5.75

Buying advice

Now, this is where you have to be careful not to be knocked off by some cheap imitations. ​

Once you’ve made your mind the Fury Tactical SDK is your choice, go right ahead and buy one from Amazon right away. I don’t have to stress the importance of buying from Amazon as you’re assured of the genuine product in that is well-priced.

This keychain retains at a mere $7.95 which is quite cheap considering you’re getting a nicely designed and crafted in the USA but made in Taiwan. It is better to order two of this and have them in your car and the other one everywhere you go. If you have to buy from anywhere else apart from Amazon, make sure you check for the genuine Fury logo as this product sometimes gets copied by unscrupulous business people looking to cash on this best-selling brand.

Final Verdict

You can purchase the Fury Tactical SDK with Pressure Ti without any worry as it is one of the best self-defense keychains on the market.  It is lightweight, small but quite damaging when used on the attacker. When in a dead or alive situation, you don’t have time to look for a weapon but instead use something already on hand. Nothing fits this description best like a self-defense keychain so go ahead and buy this one today.

Your security is the most important thing and getting a self-defense weapon that can be carried with you everywhere you go without feeling the weight makes sense.  You will never go wrong buying a self-defense keychain as long you’ve felt insecure or find yourself walking home late.

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