A Review of the Holtzman’s Credit Card Knife

Holtzman Credit Card Knife
Holtzman Credit Card Knife

The Holtzman’s Credit Card Knife is the best wallet knife and folds to nearly any size such that you’re likely to forget your wallet has this useful tool until you need it. Credit card knives are great for survival and everyday use since they can always be carried with you. You’re never sure when you will need a knife so carrying one with you every day comes in handy. Credit card knives despite their small size still need to be strong and durable to handle tough jobs.

These are features exhibited in the Holtzman’s Credit Card Knife making it a worthy purchase. An extra layer of stainless steel on the knife ensures long lasting longevity and strength. It’s a knife that will not break when handling tough jobs. You’ve probably seen credit card knives break and strip when handling some tough jobs. The lightness, thinness, and portability of the knife don’t sacrifice its quality. You know you’re paying for both features. 

While the need to use a credit card knife does not come every day, I highly encourage you to have one in your wallet as you don’t know when trouble strikes. As small as the knife looks, it can be the difference between life and death. Just imagine being stuck in a car after an accident just because you cut off the safety belt! This is just one of the instances where your Holtzman’s Credit Card Knife comes in handy.

Holtzman Credit Card Knife

About the product

Wherever you’re, the Holtzman’s Credit Card Knife is the best wallet knife for you. There are countless practical situations where the knife will come in handy helping you solve various light tasks. It can even be used as a survival knife that can save your life. The good thing with this knife is that it will always be with you wherever you go., It is lightweight and thin to fit in your wallet, purse, survival kit, bug out bag and survival kit. This way, it gets to accompany you everywhere. Here are some of the main features that make the Holtzman’s  a great wallet knife:

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    Stainless steel body - The body of this knife is layered with the stainless steel metal to offer strength and longevity. The added layer of steel adds strength making your knife capable of handling tough tasks without breaking. There is a line of reflecting steel at the edge of the blade which goes to show the quality you’re getting by ordering the Holtzman’s Knife.
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    Thin and lightweight - You’re certain to forget you have the knife in your wallet or pocket. Weighing a mere 4-ounce, this knife is pretty light to fit in your pocket, wallet and survival kit without you noticing it’s there. This ensures you go with it everywhere and have in handy when you need it most.
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    Practical - The Holtzman’s Credit Card Knife is practical, and there are countless situations where you can expect to come to use. It might be when cooking, daily use or for survival. It will be right there with you. Just pull it out of the credit card slot of your wallet and use it.
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    Portable - It is highly portable to be carried everywhere you go. Holtzman’s Knife can fit in your wallet, credit card slot, purse or pocket. You will have it with you where you need it most as it does not present any problems to carry.

Holtzman’s Credit Card Knife has been specifically designed to cater for all day to day use and emergency situations. It is durable, easy to carry and fits in a wallet. While it is not going to have the same strength of a carving knife, it remains strong to perform most light tasks with ease. The knife comes ready to use. It is sharp out of the box and can be used for long periods without the need of sharpening it again. The entire body of the knife is layered with stainless steel to ensure strength and longevity.

The edge of the Holtzman is light reflecting steel which goes to show the quality you’re getting at such a low price. It is pretty thin and lightweight to the extent that you will forget it exists in your wallet. You will only realize it’s there when a need arises. It is a perfect tool for everyday use but also works well as a survival tool.

Holtzman Credit Card Knife

What customers say

As you will find with most online reviews, the Holtzman’s Credit Card Knife remains a pretty practical credit card knife that comes in handy when needed most. It is highly rated with most customers loving the fact that it perfectly fits inside a wallet. It is that nice little gadget that you don’t realize is there until you need it. Holtzman is a knife option when you don’t need the bulkiness of the regular knife. It looks solidly made and comes ready for use. Here is one interesting comment from one user online:


“This knife is SUPER sharp. My husband had one that he'd had for a few years, but he loaned it out to a friend and the friend never returned it, so he asked if I'd order him a new one. These little pocket knives are just insanely handy. It fits easily in his wallet in a card slot, the latch holds the knife shut and doesn't allow it to unfold on its own, and as I mentioned, it's SHARP. You never know when you'll need a knife!!!”

The only negative issue with the knife is that it is very thin and has no handle making leveraging pretty difficult. It is also four inches long and can’t cut straight through an apple. You have to cut one side and the cut the other. However, this can be understood as it needs to be light and portable.

Holtzman Credit Card Knife

Buying advice

You can buy the Holtzman’s Credit Card Knife from Amazon without any regrets and have it shipped to your address. Amazon is the best place to buy where free shipping can be offered when you purchase other items to get a total price of over $25. There are no delays in shipment and you can e assured of the genuine Holtzman product.

This knife is currently retailing at a reduced price of $11.95 so go ahead and order it today before the price rises.

Holtzman Credit Card Knife

The Final Verdict

Your search for the best credit card knife should come to an end when you order the Holtzman’s Credit Card Knife. It is a highly rated knife with a plethora of features. Holtzman’s quality is not lost in the portability. The layered stainless steel offers it strength and longevity to serve you in almost all situations that require a sharp tool.

THERE IS NO RISK BUYING! There is a 100% money back guarantee no questions asked. On top of that, you get four survival eBooks, camp training videos and 101 outdoor and camping recipes. It never gets any better than that. Go right ahead and order yours here.

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