Amazing Ways To Put Wild Violets In Use

wild violet
wild violet

Wild violets look stunningly beautiful in the lawn but a wild plant to most people that is really hard to control. Is that how you view this plant? Well, this is a plant you’ve likely uprooted from your garden just because you didn’t know its use. Wild violets despite appearing a bad plant in the eyes of many people, they can really be put to some good use.

Wild violets are pretty useful, and one just needs to know how to put them to proper use. First, I might be assuming that we all know wild violets. Do you know the wild violet plant?

How to identify a wild violet plant?

This is a common plant with purple flowers and leaves that are shaped in the heart form.

The plant flowers sometimes appear in shades of purple and white. However, make sure you don’t confuse the wild violets with another common plant called the African violet. African violets are quite different and commonly grown as beautiful house plants. They are however not edible and can make one sick.

You can easily find wild violets growing in areas of shade to areas of partial sun. They grow in clumps and reach 4-6 inches tall. One of the best things about this plant is that you can easily transplant in anywhere and it will grow without any problems. This might be a problem to those that have tried controlling its growth. Wild violets pretty much love to do what they want and are quite hard to control. This is the main reason most people consider them a weed. Well, but don’t consider them a weed just yet.

What are the amazing ways to use wild violets?

Use them as food

Yes, you can use this plant as food, and it comes with a wide range of health benefits.

These purple flowers can be plucked and used to add some amazing sweet taste to your green salad. They are pretty sweet and exactly what you need to add some amazing taste to green salads and sandwiches. The flowers will be the best plant to top your salad this year so make sure you don’t uproot all of them from your garden.

Their beautiful color also means they can be used to decorate food. Since this plant is edible unlike the African violet, it is the perfect choice for decorating desserts and other foods.

Another amazing benefit of the wild violet plant is the amount of nutrients in them. Wild violets have been found to be rich in vitamin A, C, minerals, and several other vitamins. In fact, they contain more vitamin C by weight than oranges. Next time you’re short on oranges, then you know what to look for to get a maximum supply of vitamin C.

The flowers can also be used to make a vinegar of all kinds, and you can be sure the kids will love them. 

Some of the things you can make include a violet syrup, violet jelly, violet vinegar and violet tea. You can even make candies from these flowers. If you happen to have a party coming up, these wildflowers can be ice cubed and used to add some unique taste to drinks. You can be that host that impresses guests with a unique range of foods.

Apart from the flowers, the leaves of this plant are also edible. If you’re stuck in the wild and not sure what to cook, go right ahead and cook the wild violet leaves. They are very rich in nutrients just like the flowers. If your foraging foods during the spring period then make sure you don’t miss the wild violets.

Use wild violets as medicine

It is quite rare having wild plants that are not only food but also filled with medicinal properties. Wild violets are known to have various medicinal properties that make them a great addition to any prepper’s garden. This plant has been shown to stimulate the lymphatic glands helping the body remove toxins. They are a perfect plant when you need to detoxify.

When there are no hospitals or doctors around, this plant can help keep your health at its best. It is known to help boost the immune system while at the same time reducing inflammation. If you’ve developed some sinus, sore throat or cold by spending the day in the wild, go right ahead and brew some tea from this plant. Eating this plant or drinking it as tea has been shown to soothe the above conditions and offer you the much-needed relief.

The Native Americans used the plant to get relief from headaches. A poultice from the wild violets flowers has been shown to contain salicylic acid a common compound in aspirin tablets.

This plant has also been shown to help treat insomnia. If you’re having problems sleeping, try and drink a cup of the wild violets tea before going to bed. It can help you relax and have a god night’s sleep.

Antiseptic properties

Bruises and minor scrapes can easily be treated by applying ointments from these flowers. Next time you injure yourself while on the hike and don’t have a first aid kit with you, crush the wild violet flowers and apply them in the affected area. This will help reduce swelling and infections before you get proper medical help.

Caution: While there are numerous health benefits of the wild violet, try and avoid excessive use of the plant. Wild violet is a mild laxative, and one can easily get addicted. 

Harvesting and storing wild violets

This plant is quite common in May and June. Make sure you gather them from areas that have not been sprayed with pesticides. Use them while fresh, but you can also dry and store the rest to use later. In the morning, the flowers are perky and fresh.

Final Verdict

Have you ever tried wild violets? Well then, this is your time to try and gain these amazing health benefits from wild violets. You can be creative in the ways to use them and please make sure to share with us your experience. 

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