Army Camo USA 40L Backpack Review

Army Camo USA 40L Backpack Review

When you're out in the woods, a good backpack is essential for long term safety and protection against ailments such as animals, weather, and other harsh outcomes. Getting the Army Camo USA 40L Backpack prepares you for any of these occasions at a price that's affordable to everyone.

The backpack's main feature is its expandability. You'll be able to pack up extra necessary items using it. We invite you to keep reading the review to find out if this is the right choice for your outdoor excursions. This tactical bag will offer you years of protection and support and is a must have for the serious camper.

About The Product

The Army Camo USA 40L Backpack is essential for the serious outdoor hunter or camper. With over 40 liters of space, it can also be expanded for up to 5-10 extra inches. You can buy this on Amazon today at a price about $41. Some notable features:

Man Carrying Army Camo USA 40L Backpack

First things first, this backpack has a lot of durability. Consumers like its reinforced stitching, which protects the backpack from rain, punctures, and from sharp objects. This military grade backpack will ensure that the contents stored inside of it are safely protected.

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    600D PVC material
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    Softback military backpack
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    Expand 5-10'' to fit more gear and equipment
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    Mesh water bottle pocket
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    Daisy chain helps hold rain gear

Next, the Backpack features a removable waist strap. This aids the user as it allows the backpack to be carried over the shoulder, or strapped safely on your bag. Because of this, the user has a wide range of choice as to how they want to carry the bag which is great for intensive camping trips.

One feature worth mentioning is the 600D Polyester material. This material ensures that your backpack will remain free from UV rays that could potentially harm the contents in the bag. Because of this sturdy material, this backpack is recommended for mild to hot climates.

And, the Army Camo USA Backpack has a top load form of packing. Users like this feature because it allows them to add and remove contents from the bag easily. This places it a step ahead of the front-style competing backpacks who tend to take longer to fill in the contents and is harder to use.

Army Camo USA 40L Backpack Dimensions

You'll also need a safe place to store your water bottle while camping. The Army Camo USA Backpack consists of a mesh pocket that's used to store water bottles up to 36 fl oz on the side of the bag. Thus, keeping you hydrated and safe throughout your camping journey.

On the other hand, there's one main gripe about this backpack. Consumers stated that there was a lack of back padding which made them feel uncomfortable when traveling with it. Consider investing in an extra pair of padding to ensure your back is safe when using the backpack.

But for campers who want a high-end experience, the Army Camo USA Backpack is what you need. It helps users pack and store their tactical gear while having it protected by its reinforced covering. Buy this backpack today if you want the ultimate protection and storage when outdoors.

Buying Advice

What is the best backpack for you? Knowing these things will help you determine how much stuff you need to carry.

How To Find The Right Backpack?

Finding the right gear can take a great deal of time and research. For the most part, it depends on the user's camping level and how often they plan on camping within a month's time span. While we've created this guide to give you the right guidance, it's up to you to make the final decision.

What's important is you get a backpack that doesn't just fit your body, but also is perfect for your intended purpose. There's a large difference between the camping bag that you'll sleep in and the bag that you'll use for emergencies.

Man Holding Army Camo USA 40L Backpack

The best advice we can give you is to decide on which backpack is worth your money firmly. Find the features that you require and then narrow the choices based on those features and then use trusted reviews to help you make the purchase.

Backpack Capacity

Your backpack's capacity affects how much gear and equipment you can carry. The available space also depends on the shape and number of compartments.

That being said, larger backpacks aren't always better when it comes to getting the best tactical military backpack. The higher the bag volume, the heavier it will be once it's full. You'll have to consider how much bag volume you'll want to carry with you on your trip.

The bag volume also depends on the length of the trip and how intense the trip will be. As a rule of thumb, 30-liter backpacks are perfect for day trips. If you're planning on using backpacks for a myriad of nights, then a 40-liter backpack or more is acceptable.

Durability And Material

Your backpack's material determines the durability and strength of it. Each material has their form of pros and cons and is useful for different purposes. Here are the most popular backpack materials you'll find:


Nylon backpacks dry up fast and are very durable backpacks. They are also inexpensive, making them a good choice for first-time buyers.

Rip-Stop Nylon

The rip-stop material is made by weaving larger threads into the traditional nylon fabric. Rip-stop nylon is over 3 times stronger than nylon and is useful for users who need a trustworthy rucksack.


Polyester doesn't hold up as well as nylon. In fact, polyester takes longer to dry than nylon styled backpacks. The only clear advantage polyester is that it has a higher level of UV resistance than nylon.

Army Camo USA 40L Backpack



Canvas is the traditional and vintage style fabric for backpacks. While it isn't new material, it's very durable. However, canvas styled backpacks tend to be heavier than other materials and will increase your overall carrying weight while camping.

The Verdict

It doesn't matter how skilled you are; you're going to need a heavy-duty backpack when outdoors. The Army Camo USA 40L Backpack does this by allowing you to fit more items, resistant from rain and moisture, and has adjustable straps for easier carry.

Ultimately, get the Army Camo USA 40L Backpack the next time you plan on going out. You'll have a trustworthy bag that gives you ample enough space to access your needed materials (e.g., flashlight, flare, etc.) during the times you need it the most.

Happy Buying!

Army Camo USA 40L Backpack Review
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