Buyer’s Guide To The Best Survival Box

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Before you can assemble your survival gear and prepare for an emergency, you’re going to need somewhere reliable to store it. Having a quality survival gear box should be the first step you take when getting organized, so you know just how much room you have for storage.

Survival boxes come in many different forms, so it depends on what you require from yours. Their main purpose, though, is to hold your survival gear in a safe, dry spot that’s easy to transport. What you pack in it will depend on your necessities for survival gear, but a few of the features you might be interested in, include:

  • Size – your survival box contents will be the main determiner of what size you’ll need, but you want something compact enough to transport.
  • Weight – choose something as lightweight as possible so that the contents within are the only thing to worry about.
  • Material – a material that will keep your belongings safe and dry such as aluminum, with proper seals to keep water out, is ideal.
  • Lock – a quality box should have seals and even locking mechanisms for further protection.
  • Contents – some survival boxes come pre-packed with food, water, and other supplies, whereas others will just provide the case and nothing else.

This isn’t a product where you need to get too detailed with; think as basic as possible but with durability and strength behind it. Here are our top picks for survival box options, each offering something unique, but within a reasonable budget.

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Best Survival Box Under $15

Ready America 3000 Survival Box

  • Kit with 3 days of basic survival gear
  • Includes food, blanket, and water
  • 5-year shelf life for emergencies
Ready America 3000 Survival Box On White Background

The first choice for best survival box comes from Ready America, with their complete kit of survival supplies. This handy box contains three days’ worth of supplies so that you only need to purchase the one product for your emergency backup.

Each box contains an emergency blanket to protect from harsh weather, six sealed water pouches, and three days’ worth of food. However, you’ll need to ration the food to get this amount as there are only 2,400 calories in total. All of the food has been approved by the US Coast Guard, and although it may not taste enticing, it will do the job of keeping you alive and fed in case of a survival situation.

MTM Survivor Dry Box

  • Storage box for survival supplies
  • Built-in compass and signaling mirror
  • Large size dimensions 9.75” x 7.75” x 4.75”
  • Triple latch with O-ring seal
MTM Survivor Dry Box On White Background

If you’re after a simple box to keep your supplies and don’t want to break the bank buying it, the MTM Survivor Dry Box can provide just that. Although there’s nothing contained within, this handy box has been designed to keep your most prized survival gear safe.

This large sized box has more than enough room for your gear, and with an O-ring seal, it’s perfect for keeping water out. Don’t submerge it, though, as you might find some water makes it through. The MTM Survivor Dry Box also has a compass and signaling mirror built in, so in itself has a few survival gear accessories.

Best Survival Box Over $15

SE Adventurer Aluminum Survival Kit Box

  • Basic survival box for your supplies
  • Made from heavy-duty hard anodized aluminum
  • Fire and water resistant
  • Compact box measuring 7.3" x 4.6" x 2.3
SE Adventurer Aluminum Survival Kit Box On White Background

For a tough and reliable survival kit box to store your belongings, you can’t go past the SE Adventurer Aluminum Survival Kit Box. This sturdy box has been crafted from hard anodized aluminum to give you absolute strength and reliability.

Weighing just 6.2oz, it’s compact and lightweight enough to carry around without a hassle. With fire and water resistant abilities, this is exactly the type of survival box you want to keep your gear safe. Although it’s a little on the small side for some users, in an emergency situation you’ll be able to pack the essentials.

Boshiho 10-In-1 Wild Survival Kit

  • Survival box full of important supplies
  • Box includes knife, fire starter, compass, and more
  • Waterproof and shock absorbent
Boshiho 10-In-1 Wild Survival Kit On White Background

If you’re looking to purchase a survival box that’s had the hard work taken out of it for you, the Boshiho 10 in 1 Wild Survival Kit will be your ideal product. This waterproof and shock absorbent box is packed full of the essentials you’ll need in a crisis such as a knife, compass, whistle, and saw.

Although some might prefer a survival strap that’s a little easier to carry, the Boshiho 10 in 1 provides a little more quality in its accessories. Just pack the mattle box survival kit away in your car or home and you’ll be ready for anything should disaster strike.


Depending on what you’re looking for in a survival kit box, any of these options might appeal to you more than the others. When thinking of a survival situation, our recommendation would be the SE Adventurer Box. This heavy duty aluminum box is lightweight and compact so that you can pack exactly what you need in it.

While you can buy survival box contents that have already been assembled, this is an area where it might pay to individualize to your specific needs. This enables you to pack light and only fill it with things that will aid you in an emergency.

What things would you pack into your one man survival box, and what features are most important to you? We’d love to hear your questions and comments below so feel free to leave us a message. Otherwise, you can email us directly for a further discussion on survival boxes and their use.

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