Buyer’s Guide To The Best Survival Knife

Buyer’s Guide To The Best Survival Knife

When choosing a survival knife, you need to consider the fact that this is usually the most important item in your preparedness kit. The best knife for survival needs to be tough, reliable, and easy to use so that you’re able to operate it in an emergency. Having a good survival knife means you have one tool to help with a whole range of tasks, and the more durable the better.

Consider this knife as your friend and ally, and always think of it as your number one tool in an emergency. With a good knife on you, you will be able to provide medical assistance, prepare food, assemble shelter, and perform a myriad of other jobs. This is not an area where you want to take a risk with an inferior product, even if you think there’s no chance you’ll have to put it to good use.

If you don’t use a knife in your day to day life, and camping and fishing have never been your forte, you probably don’t want to spend hundreds on a wilderness survival knife. This is where these budget friendly survival knives come in handy, as they can offer you reliability without breaking the bank.

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The Most Important Features

With thousands of different knives available, and all with their unique purpose, choosing the best survival knife comes with its own list of requirements too. There’s no need to spend a huge amount just to get a top rated survival knife, so if you do your research well enough you can get something reliable and durable to help you through a tight spot. Here are just a few must-haves for a top survival knife:

  • Fixed blade – while it might seem appealing to use a multitool with a knife attached to your survival kit, they really can’t offer the strength and reliability that a fixed blade survival knife can. The best folding blade survival knife still can’t give you the durability you need.
  • Comfort and grip – although the blade is an extremely important part of any knife, you should also pay close attention to the handle and how well you can grip it.
  • Tang – a full tang knife means one that’s been crafted from one continuous piece of material to make up both handle and blade, and this usually means it’s more durable.
  • Sheath design and style – how and where you store your knife is also important, especially in an emergency.
  • Size – whether you want a large survival knife or small survival knife will depend on what you plan on using the blade for and how you want to store it.
  • Additional extras – a survival knife can still serve you well without any extras, but if you can manage to get some on top without sacrificing the knife’s quality then these can be a huge help.

After scouring some of the best and worst survival knives online, we’ve come across a few that would be worthy of adding to any survival prepper’s kit.

Best Survival Knife Under $30

SE KHK 6320 Outdoor Tanto Knife

  • Full tang fixed blade
  • Nylon sheath made from nylon for easy and safe carrying on your person
  • Black stainless steel tanto blade
  • 7 inches overall with a cord wrapped handle for easier grip

If you’re looking to fill your survival gear kit with the most affordable products you can find, but don’t want to compromise too much on quality, the SE KHK 6320 Outdoor Tanto Knife would be right up your alley. It’s extremely budget friendly without giving away too much reliability and looks quite similar to a military survival knife.

SE KHK 6320 Outdoor Tanto Knife On White Background

This full tang fixed blade is made from black stainless steel, so it’s got a great rugged look about it and strength to match. The tanto style means that it has a high point with a flat grade and will be extremely useful in outdoor situations. However, keep in mind that because of its low price you aren’t going to be getting the absolute best in quality steel.

A couple of added extras with this dual survival knife include the magnesium alloy fire starter so that you can get a fire going if you’re ever in need, and the cord from the handle can be used in an emergency. Not only is this cord practical, but it also ensures you get a comfortable grip on the blade so that you can use it with better precision.

The SE KHK 6320 Outdoor Tanto Knife is 7” long, including its 3” blade, so it’s compact enough to keep stored away in your survival pack. With a nylon sheath, you’re able to carry it in your boot or bag, wherever suits you best. Considering the extremely low price on this knife, it has many great qualities to be found.

Rothco Deluxe Adventurer Survival Kit Knife

  • The knife is 10.5” long from top to bottom
  • Hollow handle contains fishing line, sinker, signal mirror, small harpoon and more
  • Screw top on the handle also contains a compass and space for storing other items
  • Built for both comfort and performance

For those not satisfied with just a survival knife, you might be looking for something with all of the bells and whistles. The Rothco Deluxe Adventurer Survival Kit Knife has a number of useful tools stored within the handle that might come in handy during an emergency.

Rothco Deluxe Adventurer Survival Kit Knife On White Background

This knife includes everything you need in the wilderness, including a fishing line, small harpoon, sinker, band-aids, pencil, finger tip saw, and more. If you’re hoping to pack lightly and only take a few essential items with you then you’ll be pleased with how much this knife can carry in its compact 10.5” body.

The issue with these survival knives which also feature additional tools is that the blade itself tends to suffer in quality. However, with the Rothco you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how well the blade can handle a weekend in the outdoors. Although it’s not as great as an expensive blade can be, for a budget piece of survival gear it will get the job done.

When you consider that you can purchase this knife for under $30 and you get such a wide range of tools with it, it certainly makes sense to pack it into your emergency prepper kit. Whether you use it for the knife itself or the variety of other accessories, there’s sure to be something to help you along the way.

Best Survival Knife Over $30

Maxam SKJSK Knife

  • Comes as a 12pc survival knife set included with tweezers, fishing line, compass, and more
  • A large knife with a 1/8” thick blade and just under 8” long
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Short tang knife with a handle and plastic sheath

Maxam is no strangers to making knives, but this survival style blade is something a little out of the ordinary for them. It’s extremely low cost when compared to other knives on the market, and it has some nice features added on.

Maxam SKJSK Knife On White Background

One major downfall with this knife is its inability to keep an edge. When you’re out in the wilderness and living in survival mode, you don’t exactly want to keep sharpening your knife continuously. Other than that, you can feel fairly sure this knife will be able to help you when you’re trying to survive the unknown.

The extra features on the Maxam SKJSK Knife are what makes it stand out from the rest. Not only do you get the blade, but you also get a compass, slingshot, tweezers, fishing line, and more. So if worst comes to worst and you can only take your knife with you, you’ll have more than enough accessories to see you through.

Overall, this knife is fairly good value when you consider the low price tag. If you’re after something more long term than a stronger steel would be ideal but this is a great tool to have in a pinch and it’ll fit easily away in your emergency preparedness kit.

BlizeTec Survival Fixed Blade 3-in-1

  • A strong tactical fixed blade knife
  • 3-in-1 design comes with knife, fire started, and LED light
  • Corrosion resistant 420 stainless steel construction
  • 8.46” long and just under 5 ounces for a compact fit
  • Limited edition design with lifetime warranty

For those survivalists that want a little more from their knife but don’t want to be overcrowded with accessories, the 3-in-1 approach of the BlizeTec Survival Blade will do them nicely. This knife is in the higher end of the budget scale, but it’s certainly worth the extra money.

BlizeTec Survival Fixed Blade Knife On White Background

This knife has been crafted with 420 stainless steel, so it’s corrosion resistant. This means even if it sits stored away in your survival gear backpack waiting to be used it’s still going to be as solid as the day you bought it. The BlizeTec Survival Blade comes with a lifetime warranty which further adds to its strength and quality.

One issue with this knife is how it loses its edge, which seems to be fairly common with the more affordable survival knives. However, it’s not as severe as comparable blades and considering how little use it will likely get this shouldn’t ever be a problem.

Overall, the BlizeTec is a solid contender for an all-around multi-tool and blade companion. Other than the edge requiring a bit of maintenance from time to time, all of the features and the blade itself offer strength and reliability for when you need it most.


When you consider the myriad of uses you can get from just one knife, this is one part of your survival gear kit you want to take seriously. Thankfully, there are some great options available for even the most amateur outdoors type, and you don’t need to spend hundreds just to get one.

There are some great brands available in the survival and military market, such as a Buck survival knife, but you don’t necessarily have to choose one of the bigger brands just to get quality. As long as your knife is well made, has a solid reputation behind it, and will get the job done when you’re in an emergency, that’s all that matters.

After considering everything each of these knives can offer and what might suit an emergency prepper best, the winner would be the BlizeTec 3-in-1 Blade. This knife is not only corrosion free and with a lifetime warranty, but it comes with a 420 stainless steel blade and a few other handy accessories too. For even more accessories, the Rothco knife would come in as a close second, but it really depends on what you look for in a survival tool.

BlizeTec Survival Fixed Blade Knife In Wood

While you could look into a folding survival knife for compactness, you really don’t want to risk the potential flimsiness of this type of model. These reviewed knives represent some of the best and most affordable in the survival gear market currently, and as more people begin to prepare their own emergency kits then the efficiency of these knife designs will only improve.

If you’ve got any questions or comments about our buyer’s guide, or want a little more information on what to look for in a survival knife, please feel to reach out below. Alternatively, you can email us directly by clicking here and we will get back to you as soon as you can. Half the fun of packing your survival kit is looking through the amazing items on offer, and survival knives are certainly some of the best.

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