Buyer’s Guide To The Best Survival Watch

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A survival watch is one of those nifty pieces of emergency gear where even if the apocalypse never comes, you still get to wear something fashionable and functional in your everyday life. Finding the best survival watch can be tough, though, with literally hundreds of choices and all with their own unique features and style.

The ultimate survival watch should be a mix of durability, reliability, functionality, and style, all rolled into the one product. Before you set off to purchase one, though, there are a few things to consider. Because of all their extra features, you should have a clear idea of where you stand on:

  • Comfort – not only will the watch need to feel good in an emergency but it will have to feel good on your wrist every day, in the hope that one never arises.
  • Accessories – most survival wrist watch styles come with additions such as a compass, paracord, fire starter, and more.
  • Material – the most popular style of survival watch band is made from paracord as it has other uses as well, but there are other choices such as nylon available.

We’ve selected just a few of the best survival watches available, and highlighted the best and worst of each to narrow down our selection. Not only might these handy accessories help you out of a tight spot one day, but they should look good doing so as well.

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Best Survival Watch Under $30

Soondar LED Portable Wristwatch

  • Features watch face and LED light on the band
  • LED display shows time and date
  • Compass function included
  • Adjustable nylon wristband with buckle for adjustment
Soondar LED Portable Wristwatch On White Background

The LED portable wristwatch from Soondar represents the more affordable products in this survival gear category. With just a few basic functions including compass, a display which shows time and date, and a LED light attached, it offers more than your standard watch.

When you consider the low price tag, what you get from this digital survival watch is great value for money. However, don’t look at this watch to be a long term investment or anything other than a temporary fix to use in an emergency situation.

The LED is its best feature, with four different options for display, and this serves as a great emergency beacon if you ever become lost. If you’re after a budget survival watch without the need for anything long term, this is a great choice.

Sharp Survival Watch V3

  • Tough paracord bracelet with 550lb load ability
  • Paracord can unravel to over 12ft
  • Water resistant for up to 15 minutes
  • Includes compass, whistle, and fire starter
Sharp Survival Watch V3 On White Background

For a budget watch that still ticks the boxes of what survival gear should be, the Sharp Survival Watch V3 is fantastic value for money. Although on the lesser scale of cost, this watch is still packed with some great features including a compass, whistle, and magnesium flint rod fire starter.

The paracord band makes it a great choice over something flimsier, and with 550lb weight loading behind it and over 12-foot reach, you could even put this to good use in an emergency. However, the compass especially doesn’t appear to be that accurate, so the paracord band certainly stands out as the best feature. Overall, this is a strong contender if you’re looking for a bargain on your survival watch.

Best Survival Watch Over $30

LAD Weather German Sensor Watch

  • Luminescent backlight and digital display
  • Polyurethane wristband
  • Dual survival watch functions as a digital compass, barometer, altitude tracker, thermometer and more
LAD Weather German Sensor Watch On White Background

Although the band itself can’t be used in an emergency like the paracord styles can, there are plenty of extra functions on the LAD Weather German Sensor Watch to make up for it. This watch might not have any practical tools or accessories attached, but the information it gives you can possibly save your life.

This watch includes a thermometer, altitude tracker, barometer, and digital compass, all displayed on the digital face. The only downside of this is the survival strap watch band can’t be more useful as it’s made from polyurethane, so it doesn’t have as much range as the others, and may become irritated after prolonged use.

Southern Retail Tactical Paracord Watch

  • Military grade paracord wristband can be used for a number of applications
  • Extra features include light, stopwatch, compass, and emergency whistle
  • 6 different colors and designs with solid clasp
Tactical Outdoor Waterproof Survival Paracord

This survival bracelet watch from Southern Retail sits on the more expensive side, but it’s immediately evident that this is due to its higher quality. Not only does it have a bright digital display, but the watch also features stopwatch function, a compass, emergency whistle, and LED light too.

The strong paracord bracelet can be used as fishing line, jute tinder, or medical equipment so you can rely on it in a survival situation. For a watch that’s as useful as it is stylish, the Southern Retail Paracord Bracelet is a great choice.


Considering you’ll need reliability from your survival watch, this is a product that you should be willing spend a little more for. For the best value for money and a watch that’s going to serve you more ways than one, the Southern Retail is the clear winner.

If you’re hoping to not spend as much, a great choice for a budget watch is the Sharp Survival Watch. Although some of the functions might not be as accurate, the paracord with 550lb strength makes up for it.

Survival watches seem to be gaining in popularity, even more, these days, and their functions and convenience are only improving. However, when dealing with anything technological it’s usually best to spend a little more to guarantee quality. Let us know your thoughts below, or email them through directly by clicking here.

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