Black Diamond Alpine Carbon Cork Trekking Poles Review

Black Diamond Alpine Carbon Cork Trekking poles review 1

Walking or trekking as most of you know is one of those things you can’t do without when surviving or doing any form of outdoor activities. Getting a way to take some of the stress from your legs can be a relief to most people. Getting a good walking stick is one of the best ways to reduce the amount energy spent on walking. While walking stick might not necessarily be used on a flat terrain, they can be used in all terrains.

Being in possession of a quality walking stick, you can easily maneuver through rocks, tough terrains, and slippery grounds. Walking sticks can also be used to test the depth of waters and mud before one walks through such places. They are a versatile item that every prepper or outdoor enthusiast must possess. Some of the advanced trekkers are used as tent poles.

Black diamond Alpine Carbon Cork Trekking poles review 1

If you’ve decided on benefiting from the use of trekking poles, then the Black Diamond Alpine is a suitable fit with amazing features that can negotiate through rough terrains. The pole priced on the higher side but a guarantees quality and good value for money. They come in a pair and remain one of the most superior walking sticks in the market.

Black diamond Alpine Carbon Cork Trekking poles review 1

About the product

In a survival situation, getting to your destination safely is always a top priority. This requires a proper trekking kit that usually comes handy when dealing with tough terrain. The best trekker must be adjustable and have a great design with all the sections included. Failure to reach your destination because of injuries will mean spending your night in the cold.

The Black Diamond Alpine is a great companion to get you through the extreme cold or temperature changes where slipping is common. They are decent quality, easy to pack even when taking a flight. The fact that they come as a pair means they can be shared or used both. Here are some of the main features that make the kit such an outstanding choice:

  • They are made with 100% carbon fiber construction which is lightweight. Carbon is usually a preferred choice as it is quite light and will not burden you with weight
  • The trekkers have a non-slip EVA foam grip extension that ensures you never lose your grip under any circumstances. The handles of the pole are made of cork which molds into the shape of your hand giving you that comfortable tight grip
  • It extends easily and locks well to fit in your backpack without any problem. Folds the poles with ease and pack them in your bag
  • It is lightweight, compact and retracts well for easy storage. You can have them with you on every hike or outdoor activities that involve a lot of trekking on uneven ground

The Black diamond Alpine trekking poles are a perfect fit for hiking and camping. They should not be left behind whenever trying any of these activities as they can help prevent accidents and injuries. They are a versatile pick that has been designed to serve people with unique needs. You can buy the rubber tips that are sold separately and use them when walking on sideways or asphalt. Having the Black diamond trekkers with you can give you the much-needed peace of mind in the wild.

What customers say

When planning for any emergency disaster, walking to your destination is always a crucial factor to consider. You need to know how to maneuver routes that are impassable by cars. Trekking poles always ensure you walk through the toughest terrains without falling. They are versatile items that are not just required during an emergency. You need to have them with you whenever you anticipate a lot of trekking in uneven ground.

When picking the ideal walking stick, you need something that is light, durable, comfortable and foldable. The Black Diamond Alpine trekking poles fit that criteria and will not fail you.

Most of the reviews online about these trekkers speak of its quality with most customers loving it. The most impressive feature about these poles is that they are made of three compact carbon fibers that are not only durable but also lightweight. There is also a dual flick lock, a natural cork grip, and pro adjusters. The wrist wraps rotate 360 degrees and come with rubber padding to ensure a comfortable grip at all times.

The only issue with these poles are the hold clamps loosening causing the sections to move from side to side when pressure is exerted. However, this can be rectified by tightening with a screwdriver. The lockdown mechanism needs to offer enough torque to prevent the sections from moving. Overall, it is a well-made product that easily collapses to fit in your suitcase.

Buying advice

As with most outdoor items, walking sticks are crucial and must be selected carefully. Make sure you go for a lightweight, compact and comfortable stick that suits your outdoor activities. The best trekking pole should be adjustable, versatile and well-padded.

Considering this trekker is a little pricey, the best place to buy is Amazon where it costs under $299 and free shipping offered. This might appear pricey, but the price on Amazon is the best and comes with free shipping. There are no extra hidden charges, and you can only wait for it on your doorstep once you make the order.

The item is shipped and sold by Quality Distributors International which is known for the excellent customer service. You can be assured of it arriving in the best shape with a guarantee of replacing in case of damages.

Black diamond Alpine Carbon Cork Trekking poles

The verdict

When shopping for any outdoor gears, a walking stick should be top on the list. It is that one item that doesn’t appear useful when buying but plays a crucial role when on the field. The Black Diamond Alpine trekking poles play a crucial role in providing you with stability and ensuring you don’t strain your legs to the last bit. They help distribute the weight to your arms and enable you to manoeuver through rocks and slippery landscapes.

Choosing a trekking stick should not be taken lightly as most people do. When planning on sporting or hiking, the Black Diamond Alpine is the best pick.

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