Buyer’s Guide to the Best Credit Card Knives

credit card knife

The name credit card knife is a selling point itself. It suggests a knife that fits in your wallet or pocket just as a credit card can fit. It is shaped like a credit card and can fit in your wallet making it the most portable sharp item with you wherever you go. If you get a pretty thin and lightweight one, it can stay in your wallet without you even realizing its there until you need it.

What most people don’t know, this is the most practical knife you can count on when it comes to light chores like cutting a fruit and opening packages. While it might not be suited for heavy tasks gutting out a fowl, it can be relied upon when you need a sharp item most. Your regular sized knife won’t be there for you when you need to cut a safety belt during an emergency!

Credit card knives are small and ideal for small everyday chores. They can help you sharpen pencils, slice through cardboards, open letters and cut through hard-boiled eggs. The fact that they can be carried with you everywhere you go without you even noticing making them practically valuable. The need to have a sharp cutting tool with you will always arise in our everyday chores.

Another good reason to have a credit card knife is their affordable prices. For a very little amount of money, you can have some of the best credit card knives in the market. These knives are sold affordably but remain valuable and can be used as a survival weapon. This guide will bring you some of the best picks in the market and educate you on a few considerations when buying credit card knives.

Depending on your needs, the five credit card knives above are great picks that will serve you well and deliver you good value for money.

What to consider when buying the best credit card knifes

Credit card knives are designed to be portable, lightweight, strong and durable. Whether buying them for safety purposes or opening packages, credit card knives remain the newest thing for both men and women.

However, before buying one, here are a few things you need to consider to get the very best:

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    The blade metal: The blade metal determines the quality of the credit card knife. Don’t compromise on quality for portability. When it comes to blade metal material, go with knives made of stainless steel and aluminum. The blade metal should be rustproof.
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    Length of the knife: Folding knives length usually starts from two inches and go all the way to 6 inches. Depending on your need, choose the ideal length that will fit in your pocket and wallet. The ideal credit card knife length should be from 2-3 inches. The knife will be kept in your wallet so the smaller, the better.
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    Safety lock: Locking mechanism of credit card knifes is crucial as it determines the safety of the knife. The lock must hold firmly but also be easy to open and fold. The locking mechanism is important as most credit card knifes lack a protective sheath. A smooth locking system ensures your safety and those of children around the knife.
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    The handle material: Most handles are made of the tough ABS plastic materials and tend to be cheap. However, this is not the best handle material as it gets flimsier with time. Go for the titanium coated stainless steel handle. Wooden handles are also great but get slippery when wet.
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    Price: Price should be your final determining factor. Credit card knives are cheap, and one doesn’t have to pay a lot to get one. Consider your needs, budget and get a knife that is fairly priced with features matching the price.

Based on the above considerations, we have searched the internet and come up with a list of five best credit card knives available on Amazon for sale. These are the best picks currently and retail at a good price giving consumers a reason to buy. Let’s have a look:

Best Credit Card Knives Under $10

Credit Card Knife Stainless Steel by Slimpro Tools

  • plus
    Blade safety locks
  • A protective case to store the knife
  • Ultra slim and lightweight
  • A sturdier grip
  • plus
    Comes in handy for lighter tasks

The Credit Card Knife Stainless Steel by Slimpro Tools is simply the best credit card knife in the market currently that gets you prepared for any situation. It is a low profile folding knife that deals with the modern challenges of carrying a full-size knife. A protective is a rarity in credit card knives, so this is an enhanced feature that protects you when the knife is not in use. The grip is also sturdy and reinforced with stainless steel to prevent unnecessary breakages.

This knife is lightweight to be carried with you everywhere you go. It comes in handy opening envelopes and cutting a safety belt during accidents. Safety is ensured as the knife folds down and locks into place by rotating the safety button.

Individuals looking for a budget-friendly credit card knife can order this one and get a good value for their money. The sharp tip might be an issue, but this is pretty good when using the knife for self-defense purposes.

  • plus
    Stainless steel blade
  • Ultra-thin
  • Versatile
  • Lightweight
  • plus
    100% money back guarantee

If you’re tight in the budget or don’t want to spend way too much on credit card knives, you get the Vives Card Knife Folding Knife Credit Card Size Thin Pocket Wallet Survival Tool at a reduced price on Amazon and get a quality product. This knife is sold cheaply but offers features you would find in the elite credit card knifes. Quality is ensured through a stainless steel blade that offers longevity in sharpness. You will use the knife multiple times without sharpening it. It is a versatile knife that can be used both outdoors and indoors.

Vives Card Knife Folding Knife Credit Card Size Thin Pocket Wallet Survival Tool is ultra-thin and lightweight to be carried in your pocket or wallet seamlessly. Its versatility allows you to use in different situations. The handles are non-slipping and making handling comfortable and easy.

At such an affordable price and 100% money back guarantee, you have no reason not to order yours today.

  • plus
    Lightweight weighing 13 grams
  • Ultra-thin at 2.2mm
  • Authentic Iain Sinclair serial number on each card
  • A protected blade edge
  • plus
    Surgical blade technology to ensure long-lasting sharpness

The Iain Sinclair Cardsharp2 Authentic Credit Card Sized Folding Knife is one of those best-selling credit card knifes that you won’t have any regrets buying. It is a cheap option retailing at under $10 but with a plethora of features to compete with the expensive options in the market. Iain Sinclair ensures safety through a protected blade edge when the knife is in storage. A protective hilt can be seen when the knife is open. The blades are long stainless steel and made using the surgical blade technology to ensure lost lasting sharpness.

You can describe this knife as super light, super sharp and durable making it a worthy investment of your money. It is slimmer than your ordinary knife but still quite strong to perform all those light chores without stripping. Long rust free sharpness means you can use it without the need to sharpen it often. The Iain Sinclair etched serial number further helps authenticates the knife and assure customers of a genuine product.

The only small issue is the plastic handle that gets flimsier over time, but you can’t ignore the price of the knife. When you consider the feature this knife has, then you realize you’ve got a bargain credit card knife. The Iain Sinclair surely meets all the requirements for a good credit card knife and one you can buy with confidence.

Best Credit Card knifes over $10

Holtzman's Credit Card Knife

  • plus
    RISK FREE-100% money back guarantee no questions asked
  • Portable and easily fits in a wallet, pocket, and purse
  • Surgical stainless steel blades that ensure portability
  • Looks impressive when pulled out of the credit card slot
  • plus
    Practical and comes in handy

If you’re willing to pay a little more and get better quality, the Holtzman's Credit Card Knife is your ideal option with an array of features that make it a top quality pick. It remains one of the best-rated credit card knifes in the market with surgical blades that offer long-lasting durability. The blades are made of steel which is rust free and long lasting. It is portable and easily fits into a pocket, wallet, bug out bag and survival kit.

The knife is an impressive pick and one that will add some touch to your style. You can pull it out of your wallet credit card slot and turn it into a knife! You can have it in your wallet and not even notice it exists. This is a practical knife that should be with you at all times as it always comes in handy helping with small tasks.

A few pointers is that the knife handle is plastic and feels a bit flimsy when opened. I think they would have done better with a titanium handle. The knife is also a few inches long and cut slice through an entire apple. However, this is a benefit as it makes it highly portable. You can order yours today with confidence knowing you can always get your money back. There is a 100% money back guarantee if you don’t like the knife.

  • plus
    Titanium liner
  • A straight edge
  • Constructed of the durable stainless steel metal
  • Easily fits in a shirt pocket
  • plus
    Designed by the renowned Massachusetts knifemaker John Kubasek
  • plus
    Limited lifetime warranty

The BOKER Plus 01BO010 Credit Card Knife is the best knife on our list and one that you will not have any regrets buying. It is a knife designed by John Kubasek the renowned knife maker from Massachusetts USA and comes with amazing features. This knife is made of the durable stainless steel metal for long-lasting sharpness. Without the clip, this knife will disappear in the credit card holder and be carried conveniently. This is the only credit card knife on our list with a titanium handle, but you will pay more than $20 to get it. It is a bit expensive but understandably as the features qualify the price.

Boker Plus is quality credit card knife made in cooperation with industry experts in the police, military, and security. It has an innovative design and construction to meet the customer demands for a top credit card knife. The construction and design are made in Solingen while production takes place in the USA and, Europe and parts of Asia. Both the blade and plate have milled slots that further help reduce the weight of the knife. The ergonomic handle capabilities ensure you can cut through hard substances with comfort as the grip is firm.

This is a knife I recommend to anybody looking for the best credit card knife. It is an exceptional knife that represents innovativeness, great design and high-quality. You can modify the knife by taking the clip off to enable you to work in a variety of situations.


When you consider the benefits credit knifes offer, you get to realize its importance. It is one of those few tools that will always have a use in our everyday life but ones that we rarely realize. The good news, however, is that they are affordable and highly portable. You can have them in your wallet and forget it exists until you have a use for it.

The choice entirely depends on your needs, but you don’t have to break the bank for a credit card knife. Most of them cost less than $10 with a few going beyond that. When it comes to picking the best, you can go for the ones that have a titanium handle, stainless steel blade, and a good locking mechanism.

Go through our reviews and make sure you choose one from the list as they represent the best picks in the market so far. You won’t have any regrets when you buy one of the five we’ve reviewed.

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