Buyer’s Guide to The Best First Aid Kit

Best First Aid Kit - Guide

When prepping for survival, a first aid kit is one of those things you can't ignore.  A first aid kit always comes in handy whether there is an emergency crisis or not. Choosing a survival first aid kit should not be taken lightly. Don't just order one from Amazon without doing the necessary research and getting the facts right. 

Any medical kit needs serious attention when packing. It is not just the look of the kit but what is contained inside.  The best first aid kit should include a variety of essential items, be well-organized and portable.  It should be a kit that must be with you most of the time. The components inside must be of the highest quality and come with a guide that educates you on how to use them.

First aid kits come in a wide range of prices, but most of them are well-priced.  You can get some great kits at around $25 which is relatively cheap considering what they can offer.  In fact, most people prefer to make their own first aid kits and kudos to them. However, the best way is to buy one and stock it with whatever you think is missing. 

This buyer guide will be looking at some of the budget-friendly kits that remain highly rated and recommended for preppers.  Even if you don't see the need for a first aid kit, buying one and keeping it in your car, office, and home is highly advised as nobody knows when disaster strikes.

What to consider when buying the best first aid kit

There are a few considerations when buying the best first aid kit. There are several brands out there with varying prices. You want value for your money when buying any first aid kit. Here are a few things to consider before buying one:

  • Variety of components: Look for a variety of essential components as some kits come with just a few bandages and tablets. The best kit must contain components for real-life emergencies
  • Quality of components: The components inside must be of the highest qualities. Things like the adhesive bandages must stick well
  • Brand name: If you're having difficulties choosing a first aid kit, then go with big brands that have made a name. These are probably of good quality
  • Value of money: To get value for your money, always buy kits that can be used in almost all emergency situations. Look for kit that best suits your needs and contains more valuable accessories
  • Kit organization: The best kit must have its contents nicely organized so that you easily get what you need during an emergency
  • Other considerations: You can also at the detailed guide of the kit, ease of use and number of product reviews online.

After searching the internet and looking at some of the best first aid kit brands, we've come across four that seem to offer a good value for money and great accessories inside. These are worth picks as you prepare your survival kit.

Best First Aid Kit under 25 USD

Be Smart Get Prepared 250 Piece First Aid Kit

  • A comprehensive 250 pieces first aid treatment products
  • Fully organized interior compartments that provide faster access to items
  • A sturdy case that is rugged and impact resistant

Be Smart Get Prepared 250 piece first aid kit is manufactured by one of the leading manufacturers in the United States. The kit is OSHA compliant; FDA registered and came with everything you would want in a first aid kit.  The kit is everything you would want in a first aid kit and comes at a relatively affordable price in Amazon. It is a popular kit among preppers and has several positive reviews online making it a worth try. 

It is a comprehensive kit with over 250 first aid treatment products that will cater for almost any medical emergency. The kit has been fitted to meet or exceed the OSHA and ANSI 2009 guidelines for 50 people. It is a perfect choice for emergencies at homes, school or even your car. The interior compartments are fully organized providing users with quick access whenever you want a certain item. It is a durable pick with a sturdy, rugged and impact resistant plastic that keeps all the items safe. 

There are no major cons with the kit with most people finding it to serve them well. However, there are those that have had issues with the size of the kit calling it smaller.  The small size makes items inside appear crammed although the size also means easy transportation wherever you go. 

One of the best features of Be Smart Get Prepared 250 piece first aid kit is the items inside, its size and amazingly good price.  It is a bargain considering a number of items inside.  Everyone should have a first aid kit at home, school or in your car and this makes a good pick with all essentials and coming at an affordable price.  You're assured of getting whatever treatment product you need fast in every survival situation. 

  • There is an easy to carry soft case that is highly portable allowing you to travel with your kit everywhere
  • 299 physician recommended supplies that can be used in all emergency situations
  • A fully fledged design that saves time when accessing treatment products when required
  • plus-circle
    Comes with  'junior' band-aids that work well when you have children

The all-purpose First aid kit is a well-thought-out kit with several essentials inside and one that comes at a relatively affordable price.  It is a pretty small and compact kit with a soft case for easier transportation. The fully fledged design of the kit and clear side pockets allow for easier access of products when there is an emergency without wasting time. While the 299 emergency supplies might appear deceptive, the kit has 196 band-aids. 50 of this are for kids making it a great investment for people with kids. 

This is one of the best-selling kits with almost all essential supplies included. The 299 medical supplies inside for just under $25 make it every penny worth. The Badge of Honor for the kids are superficial are can be used to make kids feel special in emergencies. 

One major flaw you will find in this kit is the quality of the items inside which can be understood considering it a budget-friendly kit. The kit seems to have more band-aids instead of other essential items. Most of the medication inside also expire in a year's time but should not be a big issue as the over the counter medications are never potent. 

However, if you're new to first aid kits and looking for a good starter, the all-purpose First aid kit is a good place to start at very low prices.  The kit allows you to replace used items instead of buying a complete new kit which is a good way to save. The all-purpose is a great deal that is light, compact and well-fitted with essential items.

  • It is FDA approved and manufactured in in some of the highest quality facilities that exceed most safety standards for first aid kits
  • Comes with 120-medical grade items that are packed in a flexible, compact and durable design of only 1.2 pounds
  • It includes a mini first aid kit with 32 items that can fit in handbags, purse, and pocket
  • The kit is multipurpose and works perfectly for all occasions
  • It is new and upgraded in 2017
  • 100% money-back guarantee for those not satisfied with the quality of the kit

If you're looking for more medical supplies, quality and added features, this 2-in-1 first aid kit is a good pick for you. You will pay slightly more than $25, but the quality is guaranteed.  The 2-in1 kit is a new and upgraded kit with 120 MEDICAL GRADE ITEMS. It is a kit that has been approved by doctors, nurses, teachers, hospitals and several other professionals that stay within the OSHA compliant.  It is FDA approved and manufactured in the highest-quality facilities.

In addition to the exceptional quality items inside, the kit comes with a mini first aid kit that fits in pockets and handbags for easy transportation.  The versatile mini kit ensures you're protected wherever you go. ​The Swiss Safe as the kit is known by many can be used in in any events and comes backed with 100% money back guarantee. 

The mini-kit seems the best feature about this kit where most people keep the large one at home and travel with the small one. While the items inside are not many as you find with most budget friendly kits, their quality is high and meet most medical requirements.

The only issue with The Swiss Safe is that it appears too big and might not fit in most backpacks. However, it is nicely organized and laid out such that you can find your medical products with ease when needed.  It is a perfect choice for office or home where you don't have to move with it a lot. It is a perfect pick when looking for quality and one that will offer you a great value for your money.

  • Comes with a comprehensive 326 first aid treatment products
  • It is FDA approved and made by the leading first aid kit manufacturer in the United States
  • The kit meets and exceeds ANSI and OSHA 2009 requirements for 100 people
  • The interior compartments are fully organized providing users with quick access to products
  • Folds easily for storage and has wall mounts to attach to walls

If you want a comprehensive kit that can be used in large workplaces, at home, school and outdoor sporting activities, the Be Smart Get Prepared with 326 items to make a great choice.  This is one of the best first aid kits that hit consumer categories and can be found across the nation.  It is a versatile kit ideal for home, office, car use, school, church, daycare and camping trips.

There are two separate layers for the small and large products for easy access. This is further enhanced by tilting shelves that make refilling simple. The plastic case holding the items is rugged, sturdy and impact resistant. Storage of the case is pretty easy with slide latches that securely hold it in place. Users might opt to carry the case around or mount it somewhere in a central location for easy access.

This is probably the best first aid kit for businesses, schools, and homes as it meets the 2009 OSHA and ANSI regulations for 100 people. Carry it with you when on a camping trip with friends, and it will serve the whole group.  The kit comes with everything most people will need for a very long time, but one can also accumulate items that are commonly in use. 

Flaws in Be Smart Get Prepared with 326 items are common with most of the kits with most drugs expiring within a year. You have to replace them in a year, but this is a challenge with most drugs. Overall, it is a well-stocked kit that would be a great addition to any home, school or institution. 


The need for first aid kits is ever increasing as people become aware of the need to be prepared for any emergencies. Getting the best first aid kit that will serve you in almost any survival situation is highly recommended. Nowadays, first aid kits are crucial even for small emergencies before one gets proper medical aid. 

You don't have to invest heavily to get a high-quality kit that would serve you for long.  The four options above are great picks, and one can pick any depending on their needs and budget. It is advised to go for a kit that meets the most basic needs and is easy to carry and store. We have covered both the budget friendly and the premiums kits for you to choose one that best suits you. Nothing is preventing you from stocking them further and adding other medical essentials you think are necessary.

Please feel free to comment on our picks and give us your opinion or experience as we are always on the lookout to learn more about first aid kits.

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