EliteMax 5-In-1 Outdoor Paracord Survival Kit

Elite Max 5-In-1 Outdoor Paracord Survival Kit

If you’ve been thinking lately about what exactly you’d be prepared for in an emergency situation and find yourself coming up short, you might be considering a survival kit of sorts. For many people, though, the idea of carting around a large backpack or kit puts them off their emergency preparedness completely.

The latest craze of paracord survival kits is upon us, though, with everything you could ever need in a sticky situation all situated on a stylish paracord wristband.

These handy devices give you just the right tools to escape from danger or find your way back home if you’ve become lost. The best part is they look sleek and stylish, and fit in with the rugged activities you love most.

EliteMax has crafted their own 5-in-1 Paracord Survival Kit that can tick all of the boxes for an emergency device, with just the right tools and accessories. Not only will it keep you safe from harm and help you out of a jam, but you’ll look the part of the outdoor explorer while you wear it.

About The Product

EliteMax is no strangers to the world of survival and emergency preparedness products, and their 5-in-1 Paracord Survival Kit highlights exactly why they’ve enjoyed their success. This amazing device features 5 life-saving tools in the one wristband, all made with super strength paracord to keep it attached to you at all times.

Wearing Elite Max 5-In-1 Outdoor Paracord Survival Kit

The wristband is made from high quality, military grade 7-strand 550lb paracord which means it can even be disassembled and repurposed as a rope for other uses. Fishing line, sewing thread, fire tinder, and more can be crafted from just one bracelet and it reaches up to 12 feet;

  • A universal fit means that it fits most arm and hand sizes, but also comes with a clever clip if you’d prefer to attach it elsewhere on your person;
  • An emergency knife and scraper multi tool will not only help you unravel the paracord, but can be used for other purposes such as hunting or fishing;
  • If you find yourself lost, the handy compass situated on the EliteMax Paracord Survival Kit will help guide you back to safety;
  • A super strength whistle allows you to blow at 10 decibels so that you can be heard from miles away and your location can be found with ease.

This unique item was made to take the hard work out of surviving, so whether you want to take it along on camping, fishing, hunting, and hiking trips or simply wear one on you at all times so that you can be prepared, the EliteMax 5-in-1 Paracord Survival Kit is always reliable.

What Customers Say

So what sets this survival kit apart from the hundreds of others available? The top feature would have to be the paracord itself, with military grade strength and the ability to hold up to 550lbs. Although there are other survival bracelets made from paracord, you’d be hard-pressed to find many that meet the strength and durability of this one.

Using Elite Max 5-In-1 Outdoor Paracord Survival Kit

Judging by online reviews, there seems to be some concern about the quality of the compass attached. While some reviewers were happy with theirs, there seem to be others who complain that the readings are a little off. Be sure to check yours when you receive it, and if you find an issue then EliteMax will gladly replace it for you.

This certainly appears to be one of the better offers of survival bracelets on the market, with the quality and craftsmanship being one of the best points. Since these bracelets are intended to protect you and guide you to safety, it’s not something you want to skimp on when considering quality.

Owning one of these will not only potentially save your life one day, but they look rugged and sophisticated on your wrist. Not often can you find an accessory that has an actual purpose and looks as good as these do, but the EliteMax 5-in-1 Paracord Survival Kit has managed to succeed in doing this.

Buying Advice

If you’ve been on the hunt for a quality paracord survival kit, now is the time to pick this one up. When you purchase through Amazon you’re able to score yourself a great deal and get it for under $15. The best part is, they come in a pack of 2 so they’re actually only costing you under $8 a piece.

EliteMax 5-In-1 Outdoor Paracord Survival Kit On White Background

EliteMax also makes other survival items, such as high strength flashlights and waterproof cases for your phone. If you want to stock up to have yourself fully covered, they’re one of the most popular brands in the survival and emergency market and you are guaranteed quality craftsmanship with every product.

When purchasing a survival kit, many people like the convenience of having one at the ready in their home, office, car, or anywhere else, and they make a great gift idea for friends and family. EliteMax offers a lifetime guarantee on their bracelets, further solidifying their superior quality, and if you run into any issues they’re on hand with a dedicated customer service team.

Final Verdict

In the saturated market of survival gear and emergency preparedness kits, EliteMax certainly stands out with their interpretation of the paracord bracelet. The strength of their paracord sets them apart from others, however, you might want to have your own high-quality compass on hand in case there are issues.

When you consider the price and durability, as well as the handy accessories that make up this kit, it represents great value for money and peace of mind that you’ll be taken care of in a sticky situation. To take advantage of the great deals currently on Amazon and pick up two of these survival kit bracelets for under $15, click here to purchase for yourself.

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