Eureka Tent: A Review

Eureka Tent: A Review

While outdoors, you want a tent that’s going to support you the most. The tent needs to be resistant from rain, insects, and doesn’t weigh too much to be carried around. Fortunately, the Eureka Solitaire shines in these areas and is a great tool for the serious camper.

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About The Product

The Eureka Solitaire tent is a lightweight 2 door tent that is filled with a lot of unique features. For instance, its fiberglass frame that helps users install the tent faster and in less than 30 minutes. You can get this tent on Amazon at a price about $75.

Look Inside Eureka! Solitaire Tent

One thing that consumers loved about this tent is its extra top enterance. The extra enterance allows users to enter the tent faster instead of using the narrow front door. Use the zipper to open up the tent and step inside of it. The top entrance can only be used if the fly is fully rolled up. Some of the main product features:

  • check
    2 hoop styled bivy
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    Large and ventilated mesh roof
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    6.3mm fiberglass frame
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    Nylon pole sleeves for easy use and stability
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    Two doors of entry

While you can’t remove the fly from the tent, users can roll it up to sleep under the stars. To do this, release the four Bungee cords placed on the corners, take out the Velcro connection located on the rear loop and roll up the fly and fix the tent in place. 

We like that this is a freestanding tent. This means that the tend doesn’t require stakes to operate correctly. Still, it includes up to 12 stakes bringing the total weight of this tent up to 2lbs and 15 oz. Thus, making the tent lightweight and easy for users to take with them on their trips.

Eureka! Solitaire Tent Entrance

The fabric and the floor are durable and consists of 185 Storm Shield polyester taffeta. Also, the wall fabric is made of 40D no-see-um mesh. The seams of the tent are taped. Since the floor is a bathroom type you can see the seams from above the ground.

It also has a good waterproof rating of 1200 mm.  While this might not be considered impressive, it provides enough protection from light to medium levels of rain. We suggest using this tent for fall and early winter trips.

But there is one issue that consumers seemed to dislike about this tent. They reported that the tent had a closed and tight space. This means that you won’t have enough moving room around the tent and can be a bad idea for campers who are claustrophobic.

Mainly, this tent is made for hikers and mountaineers needing shelter on their outdoor adventures. With its durable outer covering, compact size, and waterproof resistant exterior, it’s a must have if you want the best protection while outdoors.

Buying Advice

Here are some of the most important questions you should ask yourself before buying this tent:

How Large Should The Tent Be?

If you’re not planning on canoe camping or backpacking, the weight and size of the tent doesn’t matter as long as it fits inside your vehicle correctly. The capacity of your tent is measured by square footage and how many sleeping bags can fit inside the tent.

For instance, a two person tent is great and only fits for two people. However, there might be a lesser amount of storage or elbow space around the tent. You’ll notice that a 4 person tent is enough room for two campers, plus you’ll have enough space to store and spread your gear as well.

Eureka! Solitaire Tent Dimensions

We suggest getting a 6 person tent if you have a family of four camping with you. As a rule of thumb, you’ll want a camping tent whose capacity is two numbers plus the amount of people who’s going camping. For example, you’ll get an 8 person tent if over 6 people are planning on camping.

You should also look into multi-room tents. A 2 room tent provides enough privacy when camping with children. These tents come in 2 room styles; meaning that the rooms are separated by a tent wall that’s opened via zipper.

Some tents also come in 3-room styles where they have an extra screen room included. These rooms are used for changing dirty and wet clothes before planning to go into other rooms. 3-room tents also allow you to set up tables and chairs in the event that it rains.

You can also opt for 2-screen room tents. These tents have an additional screen room attached to the tent and a large sleeping area. Tents with good screen rooms are perfect because they allow you to store your gear in a separate and safe location.

Rain Fly

A tent’s rainfly is a waterproof cover that’s placed on the roof of your tent. Make sure to use it whenever you expect dew or rain to occur. Additionally, the rainfly can be used to provide the user additional warmth.

There are two common rainfly types. There are full coverage rain flies which gives the ultimate protection from rain and wind. Then there’s the roof-only rainflies that give the user proper rain protection while being lightweight and easy to breathe out of.

Tent Ventilation

Look for a tent that has mesh panels. The mesh panels are placed on the windows, doors, and ceilings of the tent. This enhances the tent’s ventilation and works to manage condensation that enters it. Get a large mesh panel tent if you plan on camping in hot and humid environments.

Eureka! Solitaire Tent


Tent Doors

When you’re shopping for a tent, consider how many doors you’ll need and the oreintation and shape of the doors. Multiple doors are great for families as it prevents users from climbing over each other during the evening.

For larger groups, we suggest that you get a cabin-style tent. Also, you’ll want a tent whose doors open and shut quietly. YKK zippers are resistant to snagging and and lasts longer than other tent zippers.


 Conclusively, the Eureka Solitaire tent is a valuable tent that’s inexpensive and is very compact in size. Even if you have to pay extra for aluminum stakes, it’s overall price will be lower than competing tents. Purchase this tent today if you want to have the best adventures and experiences the next time you go in the field.

Eureka Tent: A Review
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