How to Continue your Child’s Education after a Disaster where there are no Schools

child’s education - after disaster
Children education after disaster

Have you ever thought of your child’s education post a major crisis? Does the breakdown of the government institutions mean your child will no longer be able to continue with his/her education? Going to school is a big excitement and fun for children across the country. It is a great way for kids to spend their time in a good way. You will find children be more restless when at home doing nothing. When there is no school anymore does not mean education for your kid stops.

As you gather your supplies and gears, have the education of your child on the back of your mind. The world has experienced some very serious crisis in the past few years that have greatly disrupted schooling. Some of these crisis include the Hurricane Maria, Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma and some very disturbing wildfires in the western parts of the United States.

Whether the crisis is still ongoing or over and just waiting for things to get normal, your child’s education should be ongoing. Here are some of the ways to ensure your child’s education is ongoing during a crisis and post a crisis.

Create and establish a routine

Life, as we know it today, will not be the same when there is a crisis. You might even find yourself waking up at noon as there is nowhere to go. You need to start by establishing a routine for your children so that they know what to do at certain times of the day. Keeping the children busy and making them work on a routine is itself education. Create bedtime and time for waking up. Every child must have a responsibility in the new home so create chores they must accomplish in a day. Create time for them to read and do homework that you can mark yourself.

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Consider all educational options available

If the government school is not functioning, think outside the box and bring all the educational options on the table. The education for your child will go a long way in determining their future. Is there any charter or private school nearby that is operational? If yes, then consider enrolling them there. You can also do homeschooling or hire private tutors. Meet parents with children and share ideas on how best to educate your children. You can come together and hire tutors who will come to your home at specific times of the day.

Turn your children’s room into a classroom

Learning is not limited to classrooms. Your children can learn from anywhere as long as they have proper guidance. Can your child from the event surrounding them? You don’t have to stick to the school curriculum. Teach them basic survival knowledge that can help them in their immediate predicament. Teach them basic construction so that they can help you with work. Perform for example flood demos and let them learn how to handle a flood situation.

If there are plans to evacuate, your children should be included in every step from planning. Inform them of the route and let them give ideas. Give them the map and let them try to interpret the directions.

Find ways to keep fit and maintain a healthy balanced diet

During a crisis, people’s emotions are running high, and they might not stick to healthy food choices. The situation is even made worse with limited food choices. This is the time to turn to health lessons by teaching your children about healthy nutrition and the importance of water to the body. These lessons will make them see the importance of using the resources they have well. Look for ways to keep the children active by incorporating various physical activities.

Add special touches and surprises to your children education routines

You need to spark interest in the kids to make them learn. Try to add a few surprises in the daily learning activities. You can treat them to a special smoothie once in a while or their favorite dishes despite the limited choices.

Final verdict

Teach the children the importance of volunteering and let them do so. Let them learn to be compassionate to others as they build a strong character. Education for children is not just about what is taught in the classrooms. Let them grown knowing how to live with others.

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