How to Evade and Escape Danger Like the Special Forces


If you're faced with a dangerous situation that involves a shootout, then you need to make a wise decision otherwise you’re going to die. The first thing that usually comes to mind when faced with such a threat is to escape. However, there is a big difference evading and running scared. If you run scared, then you’re most likely going to die.

With numerous cases of gun attacks across the world, it makes perfect sense to learn what is required of you to evade such scenarios. We’ve seen several gun attacks in schools and entertainment points across the United States where several innocent lives have been lost. 

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​To be successful at evading a dangerous situation requires some proper planning and execution of the plans. You have to be calm, composed and maintain your situational awareness. The moment you panic and start running aimlessly then you immediately out your life in danger. There are several types of evasion techniques one can employ in times of danger.

So, what exactly is evading?

When you plan to evade, you’re simply planning to get away from somebody or something dangerous. This should be the thumb rule for every person that values his/her life. Avoid a potential danger before making any plans on how to deal with the danger. This can help you avoid various forms of danger including stalkers, a war zone or a bad neighbor. It really does not matter the kind of danger you find yourself in, the principle of evasion remains almost the same. Whatever the crisis, having a formidable plan and remaining calm to execute it will save your life. 

How to pull off a successful evasion 

Well, let’s get down to business and see how one can successfully pull off an evasion plan. There are usually three things involved if the evasion is to be a success. These things are:

  • check
    Create a plan that will facilitate the evasion
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    Get away from the disaster center or epicenter of the threat as possible as you can.
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    Look for a safe house where you can remain hidden as you plan for the next move

Remember when we talk about evading a dangerous person, a stalker or even a military simply means avoiding their detection. It basically means you can stealthily walk away without them even noticing that you were there. Most victims of crossfires are usually dying when running away from where they were hiding safely. The attacker might not have a great understanding of the area like you do. You need to remain calm and plan how to escape undetected. Running aimlessly will get you killed as you cannot overrun a bullet. 

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​Every situation might be different, and one might react differently depending on the situation and time to react. 

Two types of evasion: Hasty and Pre-planned

A pre-planned evasion is safer, but you must have enough time to plan and react. This is the type of evasion that involves logical elements of escape. In this type of evasion, you can plan to plant bombs along the way to deter the attacker from following you along the escape route. When you have time to plan your escape, then you need to create plans that will facilitate your evasion

Some of the planning involves calling someone you trust to get a safe house. Where do you head after your escape? You don’t want the people after you to find you right away. Situations can vary, but all the same, make sure you call someone to alert them to your situation. Every evasion must be fully planned as this is essential to your survival. Don’t make half plans as this can easily get you into more trouble. If you plan to bug out to a friend’s house, make sure they are aware you’re coming.

The safe house or wherever you plan to bug out to must have some emergency food and water to keep you going as you figure out your next move. 

A hasty evasion, on the other hand, is an escape planned in seconds in response to a danger or an attacker you had not anticipated. This is the type of danger that strikes you by surprise, and you have to react right away. This type of escape does not give you enough time to plan, but one must still think through it. In this escape, you have to take a few steps at a time. You need to assess the situation immediately and make a fast plan on what to do next. Try and find the safest and quickest way to escape the danger without being noticed. 

Pulling out a successful hasty evasion requires you to be decisive on what you do. There is no time for guesswork in such situations as this would mean getting killed.

Final Verdict

There is one rule that will keep you safe in dangerous situations. Whatever you do, make sure you DO NO PANIC. The main reason people get killed in dangerous situations is that they lack the wits to plan their evasion. In most cases, 80 percent of the people in such situations will think of running away scared, but you don’t want to be among those people. Research has shown that close to half of the people that panic and freeze in dangerous situations end up dying.

You don’t want to be that person that freezes and does not know what to do. Again, DON’T FREAK OUT but instead remain calm and make advanced steps in whatever you do.

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