How to Survive Radiation Exposure

radiation alarm signal
radiation alarm signal

Radiation exposure whether by accident or by attack remains one of the worst humankind enemies. As preppers we need to know how to survive a nuclear blast. Nuclear blasts are among the most dangerous attacks and probably why the US is against countries arming themselves with nuclear weapons.

The initial attack is the most dangerous one and if you survive it, then considers yourself lucky. Most deaths are usually caused by the initial blast. However, these radiations can be carried miles away depending on the wind conditions. The worst thing about radiations is that they cannot be seen or smelt. One needs a radiation detector to know if there are nuclear radiations.

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So, how do you survive the nuclear fallout?

With various countries like North Korea and Pakistan testing on nuclear weapons and energy respectively, it makes sense to be prepared for the worst. The US itself has several nuclear plants spread across the country something that must be a concern especially if you live near such plants.

Remember, the explosion can be due to an accident and not necessarily an attack. Either way, you need to stock ample supplies that remedy nuclear radiation.

It is recommended you stock the IOSAT Potassium Iodine Tablets which help wash out any radioactive contamination in your body. While washing your body with soap water immediately after the attack can help, it is not as effective as using the tablets.

You don’t necessarily need a bunker to survive a nuclear attack. Here are several ways to protect yourself and your family from any nuclear explosions.

1. Be among the first people to know of the explosion

One of the items that should not miss in a prepper’s survival tool is battery powered emergency radio. The government has monitors for various emergency disasters and always warns its citizens of impending attacks or disasters. This is one of the best ways to receive nuclear warnings. Having such a radio makes you among the first people to know what is coming so that you can prepare accordingly. You can never make a successful bug out plan without necessarily knowing what is going to happen.

The emergency radio is quite important especially for individuals that live near a nuclear power plant. Most battery powered emergency radios with short antennas are rarely affected by nuclear blasts. It does not take much of your time to check the map in your area and see if there is any nuclear plant nearby.

2. Are you living near a nuclear plant? It is time you checked

Did you know there are several nuclear reactors in various states in the US? It is time you checked to know whether you live close to one or not. Do you happen to live near a nuclear plant? Well, that is not enough to know, go right ahead and check its status. Do you know the first nuclear reactor in Tennessee first went live on Oct 20th, 2016 after 20 years? There are several more nuclear plants across the US operating or retired recently that you should know about.

It is a lot easier to prepare and avoid contamination if you live miles away. However, if you live close to any nuclear reactor, then make sure you make ample preparations in case things get out of control.

3. Prepare for the worst possible scenario

This is the motto of every prepper across the world. You need to prepare for the worst possible scenario even when the breach in a nuclear plant is minimal. Some of the nuclear failures that have happened across the world up to recently have had devastating results hence the need to be prepared for the worst possible scenario. In Henan Province China, a nuclear plant failure led to the death of over 200, 000 people.

4. Get a radiation detection

Radiation detection equipment is something you must buy if you live near nuclear reactor plants. While the measures taken to ensure there are no leaks are quite effective, there is no harm in buying a radiation detector. In fact, this equipment is pretty cheap and cost in the region of 20 dollars. You can also go for the radiation stickers that are easily carried in wallets. Such stickers change color when they come into contact with radiations helping you know when to seek medical help. Information is pretty essential when it comes to exposure to radiations.

5. Create a shelter and have supplies ready in place

Any form of shelter is highly recommended. In fact, the first rule when you expect a nuclear attack is to seek shelter. If you happen to have a fancy bunker; then shelter in it. If not, go right ahead and fortify the shelter you’ve chosen with sandbags and plastic sheets. Plastic sheets are ideal for sealing windows. The sheets are sealed with the help of duct tape to ensure radiations are getting through to you.

Sandbags are also ideal for blocking radiation and bullets. Remember in times of chaos there will be looting and disorderly as people panic. Make sure you stockpile sandbags in large numbers. You never know when you will need them since they are also great at preventing floods.

6. Stock enough water for decontaminating

Make sure you collect as much water as possible for decontamination purposes. Remember, the radiations will contaminate any open waters. Until the government has done results and assured citizens that water is safe to use, only bottled water can be used.

7. Radiation protective gear

A protective gear between the radiation and your body is also highly recommended. A radioactive protective suit and heavy boots that cover every part of the body is highly recommended. This can help you get out for a few minutes during the fallout. However, once the clothing has been removed, head straight to the shower to clear any specks of dust on your skin.

8. Stock foods that help detox radiations naturally

When the radiation has cleared, it is important to embark on a diet that helps clear radiations naturally. These are foods that must be stocked ready for such emergencies.

Such foods include:

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    Olive oil
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    Leafy grass
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    Bee pollen
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    Brown rice
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9. Build a Faraday cage

A faraday is another essential piece of equipment that helps shields your electronic gears from the effects of an electromagnetic pulse. The cage can be built using simple materials or bought online. Getting your electronics safe might be useful once the radiations are over.

10. Have a nuclear survival manual with you

Knowledge is essential and arming yourself with a nuclear survival manual will help. There are several nuclear manuals you can get to gain extensive knowledge on nuclear radiations and what to do.

Final Verdict

During a disaster like a nuclear radiation attack or accident, ample preparation, protection, and communication will prove crucial to your survival. You need to learn how to detect the radiations, where to shelter, what to eat and when to come out. 

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