Making And Using Homemade Weapons To Fend Off An Attacker

homemade weapons - pepper spray featured
homemade weapons - pepper spray featured

Making and using homemade weapons to fend off an attacker can give you the edge you need in a street fight to make sure that you are the one that walks away. The first rule in a street fight is that there are no rules.

There is only doing whatever you have to do to make sure that you survive the encounter, and that means incapacitating your attacker as quickly as possible. Now I'm not advocating that you go out and use a weapon to try to hurt someone that looks at you funny. What I'm saying is that you should be prepared to fight back if you have no choice. Walking or even running away from a confrontation should always be your first choice when confronted with the possibility of a violent attack. But if you have no choice, and you genuinely feel that your life is in danger, then you do what you have to do, and you take out the threat.

You may be wondering how it is that I came up with my self-defense philosophy, and what makes me so certain that fighting back using a weapon or any other means at your disposal is the right thing to do. Well, not long ago I was confronted by an irrational man that appeared to have every intention of assaulting me or worse. He got into my face and was yelling, and with the aggressive nature, he was displaying I would have been well within my rights to defend myself. But I didn't do that. I froze and only survived the encounter unscathed because my attacker walked away. The reason I froze was that I was not prepared to defend myself. If I had the self-defense training then that I have now I'm sure I would have acted differently. But while the self-defense techniques I have learned are highly effective, you do need every edge you can get in a street fight. That's why I now advocate for the use of everyday objects and homemade weapons to protect yourself.

Why Shouldn't You Just Go Out And Buy A Gun, Knife, Or Another Conventional Type Of Weapon?

One common question I get from people I talk to regards why they shouldn't just go out and buy a gun or knife. What you have to realize is that there are a lot of legal issues involving owning a weapon, especially if that weapon is a firearm.

Even in the most liberal of states, you aren't allowed to bring a gun into certain places, such as a school or a federal building. Do you know what I would do if I were a criminal? I would target these types of buildings knowing that people are going to be unarmed. Sadly this has already happened, and there have been mass shootings on military bases and in schools. Criminals don't respect the law, but you have to.

Does this mean that you have to be at the mercy of a criminal with no means of defending yourself? No, it just means that you have to be a little more creative regarding how you arm yourself. I'd also like to point out that many of the homemade weapons I'm going to discuss can also be used for long-term survival. If there is major disaster ammo will eventually run low, so now you will have to depend on homemade weapons.

The following are weapons that you can either make at home or find around your home.

1. A Cane Or Walking Stick

A cane or a walking stick can be a very effective weapon for self-defense. I'm not talking about the cane with a hidden knife in the handle; those are illegal pretty much everywhere you go. What I am talking about is a long, strong, and lightweight cane or walking stick. A cane or walking stick has a lot of advantages going for it that make it one of the best self-defense weapons you can carry. First off you don't have to make it, you just go to the store and pick out the one you like. Second, you can carry it with you just about anywhere you are going. Most businesses or even public servants wouldn't dare to try to take away your cane or walking stick. If they take it and you have a fall, you can always file a lawsuit, so it's very unlikely that anyone would ever ask for your cane or walking stick. The last reason that it is an ideal self-defense weapon is that it is long and can allow you to strike your opponent before they can even reach you.

2. A Belt

A belt with a heavy buckle can be a highly effective weapon if you know how to use it. Just about everyone wears a belt so it's a weapon that you will likely have. Just make sure that the belt you are wearing has a heavy buckle on it. Then when you are facing a possibly dangerous situation, you pull your belt off, grab it tightly, and swing the buckle end at the person who is threatening you. A belt buckle isn't going to kill anyone, but it can stun and hurt your attacker, and being struck by it hurts so it can also help to keep your attacker at bay. Once you have hit your attacker with the buckle and hurt them, you can run away, hit them more, or use the belt to choke them into submission.

3. An Old Fashioned Heavy Duty Fountain Pen

While there are a lot of places that won't allow you to carry a knife, there are far fewer places that will give a fountain pen a second look. If you want to carry a weapon that can be used to inflict major damage to your attacker, then a fountain pen is exactly what you are looking for. If you are going to carry a fountain pen as a weapon you need to make sure that it is thick and durable. You should also take the time to sharpen the tip of the pen so that it can easily penetrate the flesh of your attacker. While a fountain pen can inflict a lot of damage, even fatal damage, it requires you to be in close quarters with your attacker. That means that you have to be comfortable with self-defense, and also in using your pen to stab. Ideally, you will be able to stab your attacker in an eye or their neck. If these targets are too difficult to hit, you can stab just about anywhere else and in doing so inflict pain and injury. Doing this lessens the ability of your attacker to hurt you.

4. A Sock With A Padlock In It

Looking for dirt cheap weapon that is incredibly easy to make? Then how about taking out a long and strong sock and putting a padlock on it? This type of weapon functions much like a belt would, but the extra weight of the padlock makes it far more damaging that most belt buckles. This weapon is also great for keeping attackers away from you so that they can't hurt you or grab you. While keeping attackers back so that you are not within their reach, you will still be able to hit them due to the length of the sock extending your reach.

5. Pepper Spray

Pepper spray uses the chemical compounds in peppers to cause pain and burning when it comes into contact with the skin, eyes, nose, and mouth of a person. Pepper spray is effective as a weapon that it is used by most branches of law enforcement, as well as correctional officers. When someone is sprayed with pepper spray, they will have a great deal of difficulty in seeing and breathing while also experiencing intense pain and burning. Once you spray your attacker with pepper spray, you should be able to escape to safety since your attacker will be too debilitated to continue their assault on you.

Don't want to buy pepper spray? The good news is that you can easily make it at home. Simply add some rubbing alcohol, baby oil, and crush peppers to a pot and heat it to a boil. Make sure that you are wearing a mask and eye protection while doing this or you are going to be affected by the fumes. Boil it for 30 minutes, and then add 4 cups of water. Place the mixture back on the stove and heat it until the water evaporates and all that is left is a thick brown liquid. Strain the liquid to remove any large chunks, and then add baby oil to it until it is thinned out. Now all you have to do is put it in a squirt gun, and you have your homemade pepper spray.

6. Slingshot

Just because you run out of ammunition during a disaster doesn't mean that you won't be able to use projectile weapons for self-defense and hunting. Enter the slingshot. A lot of us had slingshots as kids, and I'm sure that a lot of us were also responsible for more than a few broken windows. You can buy a slingshot for a fairly reasonable price and also pick up some ammunition for it. But what if you are in the midst of a major disaster and can't get to the store. There you are, dangerous people all around you, and you are out of bullets. So what do you do?

Well, then you make a slingshot. All you need is a strong "Y" shaped piece of wood, some strong elastic bands, and rocks, marbles, or any other hard object you want to use. Make sure that the piece of wood you use is very strong, if not when you are drawing the band back to prepare to fire it, the wood could break which will snap the cord back at you possibly inflicting injury. Once you have your slingshot made, and you have plenty of ammo for it, take the time to practice with it. With enough time and effort, you can become quite accurate with this potentially deadly weapon.

Homemade Weapons - SlingShot featured

My Final Thoughts

Imagine being alone in the dark in an unfamiliar area when your skin starts to crawl, and you get a distinct feeling that you are being followed. If this happens to you, then trust your instincts and get out of there as fast as you can. But what happens if you can't get out? What happens if there are no quick means of escape? Well then you are either going to have to become a victim, or you are going to have to fight back. I don't know about you but becoming a victim isn't anything I'm even remotely interested in doing, which means it's time to fight back. The first thing I'm going to tell you about a situation like this is that you need to know self-defense. Even if you could pull a sword out of nowhere to fight with, that sword won't do you any good unless you know how to use it. So start learning to fight, and then add weapons to the mix to tilt the odds in your favor.

You always need to remember that in a street fight there are no rules, so using a weapon is not just beneficial, it's the smart thing to do. Don't think for a moment that the person planning to attack you wouldn't use a weapon against you, in fact, they probably are armed themselves. So if you currently don't have a weapon you can carry with you for self-defense, then you need to correct that right away. You need to buy a weapon, make a weapon, or learn how to use your belt or other items you carry on you as a weapon. The bottom line is that you need to accept the fact that you and you alone are responsible for your safety. With that being said carrying a weapon is certainly the wisest course of action to keep you safe.

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