Maxam Survival Knife Review

Maxam Survival Knife Review

Recently, the sales for survival knives have doubled. This is because campers and hunters were able to get the most out of their excursions with them. As its name suggests, survival knives are perfect for when you're stranded outdoors and will help you accomplish a myriad of tasks.

The Maxam Survival Knife is a prime example of a knife that's useful in the field. With over 12 different pieces such as a compass, two extra blades, and lots more additional features, you'll never have to worry when you're in the wild again.

Maxam Slingshot Components

Read this review to learn more on this interesting hunting knife and how it can assist you in the event of an emergency.

About The Product

The Maxam Survival knife weighs in at 2 pounds. This lightweight size makes it easy to travel and take wherever the user desires. It has a strong stainless steel blade that helps it cut through wood, skin, and handle other purposes with ease. Find it on Amazon at a price around $32.

It's a world renowned knife blade that's designed for hikers, hunters, and most outdoor sports enthusiasts. The knife has a storage compartment located in the handle of the blade. Users like this feature because it allows them to hold tweezers, razor blades, bandage, and much more. Some notable features:

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    12 pieces included
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    7 3/4 inch blade
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    440 hardened stainless steel
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    3 knives in one kit
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    Weight 2 lbs

We also like the versatility of this device. For instance, it comes with 12 different pieces such as a compass, foldable knife, a 7" extra knife that has a 1 ½" frame. Buy this knife kit if you want a jack-of-trades tool that's useful when out in the wild.

The Maxam Survival Knife is for hunters who need to skin their prey. It features a skinning knife that's placed directly on the sheath of the knife. You'll like this survival knife if you want to skin animals such as fish more efficiently.

Maxam SKJSK Survival Knife

Another feature that's worth mentioning is the removable and detachable blade. The blade can be removed and converted to a hunting spear. The spear helps users hunt their prey from afar and ensures that they reach their target each time they're outdoors.

Since the fixed blade is 7 ¾ inches long and a ⅛ thick blade, it's very multifunctional and can be used in a variety of applications. For instance, the knife is good for removing wood, chopping through grass and preparing meals. The blade has enough strength to handle 90% of the user's needed tasks when out in the field.

Consumers did not like the blade's weak handle. The handle would fall off on occasion, making it harder for the user to utilize the knife effectively. If this happens, try to re wrap the handle or consider getting a replacement if this problem still occurs.

All in all, the Maxam Survival Knife is the ultimate tool for outdoorsmen and the average camper. It has 12 pieces of extra accessories which are great if you plan on camping once a month. Get this knife to ensure that you'll be safe and protected during your next camping adventure.

Buying Advice

Here are few things you should consider when choosing a survival knife:

Fixed Blade Vs. Folding Blades

Survival Knives come in two different blade types fixed and folding blades. Invest in a folding blade knife for everyday usage. But, if you want a reliable blade that helps you survive, you're going to want a fixed blade.

The reason why we say this is because the pivot (or the joint) of the folding knife isn't as durable as the hilt of a fixed blade. Folding blades aren't able to handle as much abuse as a fixed blade knife making them unsuitable for the wild.

With a survival knife, you'll want something that's available for chopping, pounding, cutting, and prying. Folding knives, just don't stand up well against fixed blade knives during emergency situations where a certain degree of sharpness is needed.

Deployment speed is another reason why you should invest in a fixed blade knife. With folding knives, you'll have to open up the knife and ensure that it's locked before using it.

Maxam SKJSK Survival Knife Components

In emergency situations, you'll want a knife that's instantly ready as soon as you pull it out of the sheath. When safety and speed are necessary and essential, a fixed blade knife will beat a foldable knife every time.

Blade Handle

It's easy to see sharpness as the main priority when buying your first survival knife. Remember, you're going to have to use your knife in harsh weather, skin animals, and protect yourself in dire situations.

Durability, strength, and grip are aspects you need to consider when shopping for a shopping knife. Your knife's handle will take a lot of abuse when cutting through wood and prying through objects. You'll want a blade whose handle can stay in good condition throughout its daily usage.

Avoid paying for cheap plastic, hollow, or metal blade handles. While it may be cool to carry fishing hooks or matches inside the knife handle, that lack of density will compromise the utility of that knife.

If your knife lacks the needed durability and strength or is complicated to hold, the knife will become a serious liability and possibly increase the chances of you injuring yourself. Metal knives aren't recommended for the winter as they will become frozen and hard to grip.

Full Tang Blades

Full tang is defined as the blade fully extending through the length of the knife. It starts from the tip of the blade to the end of the handle. This complete extension is essential for giving users the strength they need to thrive in a myriad of survival situations.

Partial tang knives have a tendency for being flimsy. They are harder to use in situations where you have to use the blade to pry through objects or forcing the blade against tough objects. That's why you'll want a fixed blade as they can handle both tasks with ease.

Full tang knives are useful for digging and prying. While the knives are heavier, 9 out of 10, customers will choose a full tang blade over a partial tang knife.

Maxam SKJSK Survival Knife


The other issue is that partial knives tend to loosen up at the handle. This is dangerous as it will be harder for the user to cut through the desired object. Once the blade falls off of the handle, it will be rendered useless.

Full tang blades can still be wrapped around via a rope and still be used if the handle falls off. Partial knives aren't as durable and should only be used for everyday usage. That's why you need a survival knife to suit your hunting and camping needs.


The Maxam Survival Knife is every outdoorsman dream. It's versatile, sturdy, and remains sharp even after 3 months of extensive usage. Buy this survival knife today to increase your overall camping experience while having a reliable knife to defend yourself if anything unexpected happens.

Maxam Survival Knife Review
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