Montem UltraLight Carbon fiber trekking poles review

Montem UltraLight Carbon fiber trekking poles: lightest poles on the market

If you like outdoors and enjoy adventures in your free time, then you know the challenges that come with walking on uneven grounds. Walking is the main activity that consumes most of your energy in almost all outdoor activities. This is probably why most trails require a great outdoor boot to deal with the rocks and slippery grounds. 

Montem Ultralight Carbon Fiber Hiking / Walking / Trekking Poles

However, even with the best boots and good experience, trekking outdoors especially in rocky mountains is never easy. One item that most outdoor enthusiasts will agree with is a must OWN is a walking stick. Walking sticks or as they are commonly known trekking poles are a must own if you plan to avoid unnecessary injuries and stand your ground. The poles help improve your stability and reduce the risk of falls. They are a great addition to hikers, campers and anyone spending time outdoors.

These poles are quite useful and can be multi-purpose with the most advanced ones used at tent poles. Your search through the internet for the best trekking poles will not end without noticing the trend Montem UltraLight Carbon fiber poles. These are the ideal poles for you crafted of 100% carbon and not a single mixture of aluminum. All sections of the poles are carbon fiber something you will not find anywhere else.

 Montem UltraLight Carbon fiber trekking poles

About the product

The Montem Ultralight Carbon Fiber trekking poles comprise of Tungsten tips, EVA foam handles, and 100%carbon fiber. They are poles built to last that harsh weather outdoors. The carbon fiber material is a natural anti-shock that will ensure the best trekking experience. Hiking uphill will be easy as the grips adjust with ease. You should not have any worries if the poles can support you. They are sturdy, ultra-light and deliver a comfortable trekking experience.

The features of these poles ensure you hike longer, safer and stronger while putting in less effort. Take advantage of the many benefits the poles offer and enjoy a wonderful experience hiking.

The poles are crafted of 100% carbon fiber without a single mixture of aluminum. The carbon fiber material is naturally anti-shock.

  • They are ultra-light with a total weight of 7.6 ounces that will not weight you down. The poles will not hinder your movement but boost it
  • The poles are adjustable from heights of 23 inches to 53 inches. The adjustable poles allow users to extend or collapse the poles depending giving you the perfect height to suit your needs
  • Straps that come with the poles ensure you will not drop them. This takes away the worry of ever having to bend to pick your poles

Trekking poles are a MUST HAVE for any outdoor adventure that involves a lot of trekking. They have several benefits helping people maintain a constant pace. You will enjoy your sceneries without having to take your eyes off to look at your steps. When descending steep places, the poles will help take some pressure off your legs something that helps protect your joints. Most forms of outdoor activities like walking, hiking, Nordic walking and trekking all need high-quality trekking poles.

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What customers say

Customers describe the Montem Ultralight Carbon Fiber trekking poles are superb! They are extremely easy to use and of the highest qualities. They easily adjust to any height you prefer and are lightweight. They are purely made of carbon fiber that is light yet sturdy. The cork grips are the best and absorb sweat giving you a comfortable grip at all times. The Tungsten tips are extremely durable and built to last. The EVA foam grip ensures a smooth descend the hill.

They are compact and fold down to fit in your backpack. The Montem poles are the lightest carbon fiber poles in the market so far and remain highly recommended by customers.

A few things that customers have highlighted as cons have to do with the mud cups and straps. The mud cups are not strongly fitted, and most unscrew. You probably have to tie something like nylon to prevent them from falling off. The straps could also do better with some form of padding.

Overall, these poles are excellent when out on a trip for hours, days or weeks. Size matters when taking an outdoor trip. You don’t want to carry items that will be cumbersome. You need compact poles yet sturdy and durable. The Montem Ultralight Trekking poles will not disappoint.

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Buying advice

If you’re one person that makes a purchase based on reviews and rating online, then you will want to add the Montem poles to your gears list. These poles are best priced on Amazon where they retail at under $ 75 plus free shipping offered. This is an absolute bargain considering the features of these poles.

The poles are backed by a one-year limited warranty to ensure you get the full value for your money. You’re safeguarded against any forms of factory defects within the first year of purchase. The under $75 price reduced so be sure to get it while it lasts. This is a big value for your money and one that you should order without second thinking.

The poles are sold by Montano Outdoor gear and come wrapped with a gift pack. They have an excellent customer service and deliver their poles timely. Their customer service is also friendly and answers all your questions well.

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Final verdict

Montem Ultralight Carbon Fiber trekking poles are built to last the toughest outdoor conditions. They are a great deal that includes two poles per set, a clip to hold the poles together, a replaceable rubber foot and free set of mud baskets. These poles are a perfect fit for those tiring hikes that take a tone of your body. They can give your ligaments and joints a much-needed break when hiking.

These poles are of exceptional quality and remain among the most recommended online. They are safe and easy to use helping you hike for longer with less effort. You will be surprised at how to keep your balance even on the most challenging terrains.

If you’re planning an outdoor adventure soon, make sure the Montem Ultralight Carbon Fiber trekking poles are with you at all times.

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