Paracord Emergency Bracelet Kit

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If you’re interested in survival gear or looking for a bit of extra peace of mind on your next outdoor adventure, but really can’t be bothered being bogged down by a huge emergency preparedness kit, you’ll be on the lookout for something a little more compact.

What if I told you there was a great item you could wear comfortably on your wrist that could provide you with enough supplies to get you through an emergency; including fishing gear, a communication device, cutting tool, and more?

Enter Holtzman’s Gorilla Survival Paracord Emergency Bracelet Kit. You might have seen these emergency bracelet kits doing the rounds recently, but it’s tough to find one that’s actually full of stuff you would use in a dire situation. These emergency bracelets can be worn for fashion or for practicality, so there’s no reason why you can’t get a little of both.

About The Product

If you’ve never heard of an emergency bracelet before, the Holtzman’s Gorilla Survival Paracord Emergency Bracelet Kit is a great place to start. These small devices can be worn on your wrist while camping, hiking, fishing, or even just to be ready for a survival situation and they’re made to be a one-stop shop for your emergency needs.

Each emergency bracelet design comes with their own unique features and accessories, which is why it can be tricky when you’re on the hunt for one to add to your collection. The Holtzman’s Gorilla Survival Paracord Ultimate Ready Wrist stands out from the rest as it features:

  • Fishing equipment including hooks, floats, line, and sinkers to aid you in catching fresh fish if you find yourself stranded without food;
Paracord Emergency Bracelet Kit
  • A tinder and other items to start fires to keep yourself and others warm and dry, or cook any food that you might catch;
  • Alcohol pad and safety pins to provide basic medical attention if you’re in need;
  • Compass and emergency whistle so that you can reach the outside world in an urgent situation or locate your way back to safety;
  • A cutting/scrapping multi tool that can not only cut as required but also assist in the fire starting process.

All of these lifesaving features are located in a stylish and discreet armband bracelet made from paracord so that you can carry on with whatever task is at hand, knowing you have a backup available if you need it.

Holtzman’s Gorilla Survival specialize in items such as these, intended for emergency preparedness and to give peace of mind to those who explore unknown territories. These Ready Wrists were designed for people who want to know they’ll be able to protect themselves and their loved ones in an emergency situation, but don’t want to be held back by bulky kits and backpacks.

What Customers Say

Whether you buy this emergency bracelet for its functionality or just because it looks great, you’ll notice instantly how tough and durable the paracord material is. There’s no doubt as soon as you put it on that you’ll never be without it, so you get an instant peace of mind that this will be ready should you ever need it.

Young Woman Whistling With Bracelet Kit

While there are plenty of emergency bracelets out at the moment, not all of them combine such a useful array of tools and accessories as the Holtzman’s does. With fishing gear, compass, whistle, cutting tool, alcohol wipes, and safety pins, you’ll wonder where exactly it all fits into this sleek design.

One flaw that you might find is the band is non-adjustable, and a few of the online reviewers have made a note of this. For most wearers, this will be a comfortable fit, but if your hands are smaller or larger than average then you might need to be creative with how you wear it. Thankfully, it has a fastening clip so you can easily wear it on your belt, backpack, or anywhere you find convenient.

The hopes with these emergency bracelets are that you’ll never have to use them, but Holtzman’s have ensured that if you do then you’ll be more than prepared for a night or two in the wilderness. Considering the low price for all of these tools in one, and the awesomely rugged design, you’ll have trouble finding a comparable bracelet on the market that beats it.

Buying Advice

For the best value on the Holtzman’s Gorilla Survival Ultimate Ready Wrist, Amazon is the place to be. With up to 70% off the original price, you can pick up one of these lifesaving devices for under $15. Included in that price is a no questions asked lifetime guarantee, so you can be sure that the quality is superior.

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When you purchase the Ready Wrist through Amazon, you’re also given the option to bundle with other items from Holtzman’s Gorilla Survival to save even more money. For example, purchase the Ready Wrist with another item to receive 4%, and add up to 10 items for a huge 20% off. This is ideal if you’re looking to gift one of these to friends and family as well.

Holtzman’s are also offering anyone who purchases these wristbands access to four survival eBooks, a training series for camping, and 101 Camping/Outdoor Recipes for your next adventure. With all of these at your disposal, you’ll be more than equipped to hand the great outdoors.

The Verdict

Whether you’re on the search for your first ever emergency bracelet or you already find yourself with quite a collection, you’ll no doubt be impressed with the offering from Holtzman’s Gorilla Survival. This handy paracord bracelet has everything you need and nothing more, and all packaged in a stylish design with a lifetime warranty.

When you consider the price, functionality, and appearance of this emergency bracelet, it certainly stands out from the others. The tools are high quality and won’t fail you in an emergency, and Holtzman’s have put their guarantee on it. To add the Ultimate Wrist Ready from Holtzman’s Gorilla Survival to your emergency preparedness plans, click here to purchase.

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Paracord Emergency Bracelet Kit
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