Preparing for a House Fire: Everything you Need to Know

Preparing for a house fire
Preparing for a house fire

It is hard for you to imagine fire consuming your entire house but realty strikes when everything has gone up in smoke. House fires are common and happen without any warning. Most of these fires are caused by lightning strikes, chemicals, wildfires, cooking grease, electrical faults, candles and much more.

You probably know of somebody that has experienced a house fire. While most of these fires can easily be prevented, there are some that are hard to prevent. Statistics from the National Fire Prevention Association shows that 352,000 households in the US reported fires in 2016. House fires could just happen to anybody of us. It did happen to one of my neighbors, and I can tell you it a pretty bad thing. While they all survived, they lost everything and had to start their lives from scratch. The old house was completely razed, and they had to move to another hose with help from the community.

There is a lot to learn about house fires and prepare accordingly just in case it ever happens to use. So, what can you do to prepare for fire? Here are some tips to help you prepare for a house fire.

Prepare your most valuable belongings

Homeowners can buy fireproof cases to store the most important documents and items. Start by gathering all your valuables and important documents like marriage certificates, birth certificates, passports, account information and much more. Talk to your family members and get their most valuable items in the house. This can be things like family pictures, jewelry, and items that cannot be replaced.

Check your insurance terms and prepare it accordingly

Having a fire insurance is not a guarantee of getting the compensation you deserve from your insurer. You need to prepare your insurance accordingly and have the necessary evidence if required. Take pictures of your house, the walls, the closets and other rooms as evidence of the belongings in your house. This will act as evidence when creating a list of your entire inventory. You can also take a video on top of the photos and back it up by putting a current newspaper in the video. Receipts for most of your items should also be stored in the fireproof case.

Check your insurance terms and know what is covered. Will the insurer pay for everything lost? Do they provide a temporary housing and for how long? These are the questions you need to be answered as you prepare for the fire.

Prepare the treasured belongings

This is where you take a look at items that cannot be replaced. These items must be stored appropriately as they cannot be replaced. Consider backing up all your photos online and storing valuable items in a fireproof safe. Things like war medals should also be stored. Replicas might be out on display so that if they are lost, we have the original safe. Photos of every treasure on display should be taken and stored in the case as evidence.

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Prepare the house to help prevent fire

There is no single thing you can do to prevent house fires although some preventive measures are necessary. Try and have fire extinguishers in every room in the house or corner where they can easily be accessed. You can also clean the duct and lint traps while also installing smoke alarms. The smoke detectors bough should be able to detect smoke from electrical appliances too. Make sure every family member knows how to use the fire extinguisher. You can also practice fire drills with your family members from time to time.

nfpa Fire Sprinkler Initiative

NFPA Fire Sprinkler Initiative: Campaign officially sponsored since 1922

Remember life matters above all treasures and material things

In the end, it is the lives saved from hose fires that count. While there is nothing wrong with trying to save your valuables, prepare your heart well to know that the important things in our lives are our family members. Hug them and embrace them as they are the people you will first be looking for in case of fires instead of antique collections in your home.


House fires are realty and the early we learn to accept that the better. Do not wait until the fire starts and you lose everything to start preparing. While it might appear expensive and time-consuming, necessary preparations will give you peace of mind knowing you can recover whatever lost in the event of a house fire.

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