Rothco Survival Knife Review

Rothco Survival Knife Review

In this short review, we'll discuss why the Rothco Survival Knife is the knife to have during emergencies. With over 12 additional accessories, a powerful partial tilt blade, and a durable sheath for later storage. We invite you to read this review to improve your hunting skills and cut through objects more effectively than competing knives.

About The Product

The Rothco Survival Knife is a military designed tool that's used for outdoor protection. The knife is 10.5 inches long and has a sheath that stores the knife and has an extra part for survival gear. You'll find this on Amazon at a price about $28.

Rothco Survival Knife

You need a handle that can store and be used for multiple tasks. For instance, the survival knife's handle has a pencil, compass, harpoon, hook, fish line, and a signal mirror. Buying this knife ensures that you'll get a reliable survival kit and be prepared for any situation.  Here are some notable features of this product:

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    10.5 inch long blade
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    Compass included
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    Bowie knife
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    Sawpoint blade

We also noticed that the knife has a saw point blade. The serrated teeth on the other end of the knife is good for cutting through small branches and skinning animals. The hole on the end of the knife is used to cut through wires making this a very versatile survival knife to have.

The sheath comes with a sharpening stone which is used to improve dull blades. Also, it has drainage tool that drains out water from the blade if you're in a body of water. Both features ensure that the blade is long lasting and is unable to become exposed to rust.

Plus, the knife has a stainless steel blade, which is definitely what you need for outdoor hunting. This means that the blade can't get exposed to rust and can be used to cut through most objects you'll find in the forest. The knife's 5.25 in thickness aids your everyday hunting needs.

Rothco created this knife for campers and hunters of all skill levels. For example, the knife has a partial tang blade, which makes it useful for everyday use. While it's not as strong as a full tang blade, it's partial tang can handle up to 90% of your basic camping needs such as cutting, skinning, and prying.

Working With Rothco Survival Knife

Consumers across the board disliked the low durability of the accessories. Some reported that the compass breaks easily and how the blade would become dull after 2 months of usage. If any of these issues occur to you, feel free to get a replacement.

Despite its one small issue, the Rothco Survival Knife is the perfect gift for the outdoorsman and novice hunters. We like this knife because it's partial tang blade is sharp and can cut with the same amount of intensity as a full tang knife. Buy it today if you want to survive while outdoors.

Buying Advice

It is imperative that you choose the right survival knife properly when looking for survival gear. Here's how:

Knife Sheath

While this is an overlooked feature, the sheath of your blade is very important. Your survival knife is only useful when you're carrying it. The sheath needs to be comfortable and sturdy. Don't buy drop-leg sheaths as they are unable to perform well in survival situations.

Make sure the sheath is made of high-quality material such as leather. This ensures that your knife is safely tucked inside of the sheath without it accidentally ripping. Thus, take into consideration of how strong the knife's sheath is before purchasing your first survival knife.

Here are three things you'll want in your next survival knife's sheath:

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    Strap - How does your knife sheath close to the blade? We suggest getting a sheath with a crossover strap where the sheath and the handle come into contact
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    Lanyard and Belt Attachent - Is your sheath able to be attached to a belt loop? Does the knife have an additional hole to act as a lanyard
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    Bottom Attachment - An attachment piece that's placed on the tip of the sheat's end. It can be strapped to the user's leg or be placed on a backpack strap

Blade Thickness And Length

Let's face it; the size of your knife does matter. Small knives have the advantage of being easily carried while larger knives excel at heavy duty chopping situations and chores. Large knives can replace the need for buying a hatchet due to their utility. But, larger knives can become more difficult and heavier to carry than small knives.

Most survival knives have an average length of 6 to 12 inches. Anything lower and the knife might not be strong enough to complete the desired task such as chopping wood. Large knives are perfect for chopping wood, but any knife above the size of 10 inches starts to become harder to control.

As a rule of thumb, get a blade which is 3/16 - ¼ thick. Knives with this thickness can withstand common tasks such as prying and batoning. Don't buy knives that have too much flex in the blade. We suggest that you get a blade whose thickness is suited to the intensity of your camping trip to get the best results.

Blade Material

Survival knives come in two different styles; Stainless steel and carbon. You'll have to decide which blade is useful for your needs as both are different in construction and usage. Here are the main differences between the two blades below:

Rothco Survival Knife Set



Carbon knives are better at holding an edge longer than stainless steel blades. However, they aren't rust resistant. It's best to use carbon knives for short term cutting purposes and maintain them so they can last as long as possible.

Stainless Steel 

Stainless steel knives are almost indestructible, last for years without rusting, and can withstand a lot of abuse. But, they are more likely to lose their edge faster than carbon knives.

Final Thoughts

You need the Rothco Survival Knife the next time you go out hunting. It has enough features to protect the user in high moisture and hot areas, and its blade thickness can cut through branches, skin, and wood with ease. What are you waiting for? Buy this knife today!

Rothco Survival Knife Review
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