SE EB122OR Emergency Sleeping Bag

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When you think about what might matter most in an emergency situation, the comfort and safety of you and your family is often the first thing you consider. Having a safe and secure place to sleep and being kept warm from harsh weather conditions could be the one thing that helps you survive.

Having a comfortable sleeping bag to lay your head on means not only are you snug, but you’re out of the cold and able to regain your energy for whatever the next day brings you. We don’t all have the energy or space to cart around a large sleeping bag with us, though, so you need to start thinking more compact.

Emergency sleeping bags offer a solution here, with the ability to keep you warm but not take up too much space. They’re lightweight, easy to assemble and do a great job of insulating. A bag that you can reuse and resist a bit of wear and tear is even better, and this is where the SE Emergency Sleeping Bag comes into play.

Whether you want to add a sleeping bag to your emergency prepper kit, or need something to take along on camping, hiking, or fishing trips in case of an unexpected turn of events, the SE Emergency Sleeping Bag is a solid option.

About The Product

The team at SE have a wide range of survival gear and accessories for your emergency preparedness kit, with everything from flashlights to sleeping bags to keep your family safe and secure.

Emergency Sleeping Bag With Drawstring Carrying Bag

Their emergency sleeping bag offers a convenient and durable way to keep insulated and warm in case you find yourself stuck in the wilderness or unable to reach your home.

This sleeping bag is packed full of great features that make it a standout product in the survival gear market.

  • Reusable and tear resistant, unlike other survival gear accessories which have been designed to only be used once
  • The heavy duty material and aluminized PE interior mean you can stay insulated and warm even in the coldest of climates, as it reflects your own body heat to keep you warm
  • A handy drawstring carry bag and high-visibility safety orange design mean the SE Emergency Sleeping Bag can offer more than just practicality
  • Measuring in a just under 6 ounces and giving 3 x 7 feet of comfort and coverage make it extremely convenient and lightweight to carry

Emergency sleeping bags are a must have item for any emergency preparedness kit, but they should also be a regular addition to your camping, hiking, or fishing accessories too. If you ever find yourself unable to return home or lost in the wilderness, you’ll be extremely grateful that you have a warm and safe place to lay your head and regain energy for the morning.

What Customers Say

This emergency sleeping bag is a standout against others in the survival gear market. It’s made to be even more comfortable and offers better insulation than comparable brands, and you can even use it as a bivy sack to add further heat to your standard sleeping bag setup.

Carrying Bag For Emergency Sleeping Bag

The lightweight convenience of the SE Emergency Sleeping Bag is one of its strong points, as it slips easily into your backpack or elsewhere without any noticeable bulk or weight. Once you’ve used it once, you’re actually able to reuse it which delighted many reviewers who were only used to disposable survival gear accessories.

When compared to a light sleeping bag, it doesn’t offer as much warmth, so freezing conditions probably wouldn’t be suitable unless you’re utilizing it as a bivy sack. However, using the SE Emergency Sleeping Bag will offer better protection than you could get on your own, so it’s always handy to keep tucked away somewhere.

Many reviews have marveled at just how comfortable the SE Emergency Sleeping Bag is for a piece of survival equipment, and have even used it as a regular insulator for their regular sleeping bag. It’s not cheap and flimsy like other brands, so you’ll be given that extra touch of comfort if you ever need to use it.

Buying Advice

If you’re entirely convinced by the reviews and want to add the SE Emergency Sleeping Bag to your survival kit or camping backpack, you’ll get the greatest deals online at Amazon. Priced at under $10, it’s an absolute bargain considering it’s the number one bestseller in bivy sacks. If you want to purchase a few you’ll be treated to free shipping as well if your total equals more than $35.

While you’re online, why not check out SE’s other survival products. They’re known for making quality supplies that go just that little bit further than standard emergency prepper accessories normally do.

SE EB122OR Emergency Sleeping Bag

With items such as these, people often prefer to purchase a few, but considering that these are some of the only reusable survival gear accessories you’ll find there really isn’t a need. Unless of course, you want to treat your friends and family to some as well.

Final Verdict

The SE Emergency Sleeping Bag is a lightweight, convenient solution to emergency sleeping conditions, offering an insulated and protective sleeping bag. Although they may not offer all of the warmth you can get in a traditional sleeping bag, they’re ideal for emergencies or even to use as extra insulation.

These sleeping bags won’t rustle around like other brands, they’ve pleased reviewers with how comfortable they are, and you can reuse them as many times as they’ll stand it. For lightweight disposable survival gear, they certainly go above and beyond.

The Emergency Sleeping Bag by SE is highly recommended as a choice for extra insulation or emergency sleeping accessory, whether you want to take it along in your hiking backpack or keep a few in an emergency prepper kit. However you use it, you’ll be impressed by just how comfortable this convenient little package can keep you. Purchase yours online today by clicking here.

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