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Once, I decided to learn how to fortify my home I had started the process of making sure that my home would remain a haven for many families no matter what was going on with the rest of the world.

While I'm not a fortifying expert by any stretch of the imagination I figured that common sense would get me a long way when it came to fortifying my home. Well, after reading Bullet Proof Home I can safely say that I was very wrong. 

Apparently doing the kinds of things that I thought made sense to secure your home were major mistakes that could have proved disastrous. Since taking a common sense approach meant doing what was expected, it also meant that any would be intruders would be able to anticipate what I had done and taken advantage of it.

In a disaster scenario, your home is no longer just your home; it is your survival retreat. It is a place where you and your family can shelter while waiting for whatever turmoil is going on in the world to pass. That means that you have to secure your home so that it can provide you with the protection that you and your family need.

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To secure your home, you should make sure that all of your doors and windows are secure. But one thing I didn't think of is that the best defense I can have is anonymity. If someone sees my home and it looks like we have built fortifications and it has supplies then it's a target. But if it looks like every other home around it then it's just a house, and potential intruders may simply walk right past it.

Don't Put Up Fences, Use Bushes And Plants Instead

Guess what happens when you put up tall fences and other barricades around your home? You make it a target. Tall fences and other barricades aren't even that effective of a barrier. In a a disaster situation where people are starving do you think a fence is going to keep them out? Of course, it won't; they'll get through any barrier to get to food and other supplies. But what they won't do is get through a barrier if they don't even realize it's a barrier. That's why using cactus and thorn bushes is such a great way to keep people out. Nobody will willingly walk through thorn bushes and cactus unless they know that there is a big payoff. But since you are using these plants to keep people out you are helping to keep a low profile, which means that anyone outside of your home won't see a payoff to breaking into your home.

Don't Store All Of Your Supplies In One Place

Well, another mistake I would have made is keeping all of my supplies in my basement, which was going to serve as my panic room. The problem here is that this is the first place people will look if they break in. On top of that if you barricade yourself in your basement you will be cornering yourself. Sure you secure your home basement door, but there's only so much you can do. If someone wants through that door, they are going to get through it. Then not only are you cornered, but all of your supplies are right there which means that there is going to be conflict.

Instead of storing all of your supplies in one place you should construct secret compartment throughout your home and store your supplies in them. You can create false walls and other things of that nature to conceal your supplies. If someone does break into your home and they see nothing of worth, there's a good chance they are going to take off and hit the next house. Remember that most intruders aren't there to hurt you or your family. They are there because they are desperate for supplies. This doesn't mean that they won't hurt you; it just means that their main goal is to get supplies so they may just leave if they don't find any.

Make Sure That You Have Heavy Drapes Or Even Plywood On The Inside Of Your Windows

In a real emergency situation, people are going to be panicking and trying desperately to find supplies for them and their families. Since you had the foresight to buy Bullet Proof Home, and are prepared you aren't in their position. So what you have to do now is to make sure that you do whatever you can to keep a low profile. By having heavy curtains on your windows, you can keep any potential looters from being able to see into your home easily. You will also be blocking any light from inside of your home so that it won't escape and alert potential intruders that your home is occupied and may have things worth stealing.

Final Thoughts

Before I got Bullet Proof Home, I thought I had a pretty solid level of understanding when it came to preparing my home for the apocalypse. But, I was wrong. I'm not ashamed to admit it. I'm not some professional survival expert; I'm just an average guy.

I'm also humble enough to know when I'm out of my depth, and apparently, I was out of my depth when it came to fortifying my home. The good news is that now I've been set straight. I've learned about many of the things I would have done wrong, and I've learned what steps to take to make my home more secure. I would have never thought that a high fence could be a bad thing, but now I realize just how much of a mistake that would have been.

The secret I learned was in keeping a low profile. You want to make your home look as unappealing and average as possible. If people don't know you are there, and they don't know you have food, water, medicine, weapons, and other supplies, then they won't have any interest in bothering you.

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