Self-Defense: Helping You Save Lives

save lives - we could be heroes
we could be heroes

To save lives.​ ​This is the mission of many of the superheroes portrayed in mainstream media. The truth is you need no cape, mask, or any funny costume to be a savior. Ordinary humans, like you and me, can be heroes in one way or another.

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We can save not only our lives but the lives of other people. We can be defenders when violence strikes. How can this be possible? The simple answer – self-defense! By learning how to defend yourself, you are also essentially learning how to defend your family and other people.

​Real-Life Superhero
Real Life Superhero

Learn Martial Arts

When it comes to self-defense, learning martial arts is perhaps the best way to defend yourself. You can learn on your own at home through online tutorials, but it would be best to have formal training. With the help of an expert, you will be able to know the fundamental moves in different forms of martial arts, such as Jiu-Jitsu and karate. However, keep in mind that martial art is not simple. To be able to maximize the outcomes, to make sure that it will indeed be instrumental in self-defense, you must be aware of how it can be executed properly. If not, you might just hurt yourself, aside from the obvious fact that your defense will be weak.

Invest in Useful Tools

Luckily, self-defense can be a lot easier these days. You simply need to have the right tools and make sure that they are handy. For ladies, you can always carry one in your bag. You can also have one at home, in a location that is easy to access when the unfortunate strikes. One of the best would be a pepper spray. It is handy and efficient, provided that you know how to use it the right way. Make sure that it is directed to the attacker. A flashlight that doubles as a stun gun is also an excellent product to have. A pocket folding knife can also be your ultimate survival tool.

Know How to Act

The best is to know how to act when you are in a sketchy situation. If you can scream as loud as possible, then do it. This will make you attract attention and help will soon be on your way. You should stay cautious at all times, especially when walking along dark streets. At home, to defend you and your family, be alert and be safe. It will also be important to teach kids at an early age on how they can act if in case an attacker enters the house. See to it that they know hotlines where they can ask for help. Lastly, learn how to give in to the demands of the attacker rather than risking your life and lives of your family.

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