Snugpak The Ionosphere Tent Review

Snugpak The Ionosphere Tent Review

When camping, there's one thing that users tend to worry about. You need a tent that's going to provide enough coverage to keep you safe from outside ailments such as insects, weather, and other threats. That's where the Snugpak Ionosphere steps in.

The Snugpak Ionosphere is a lightweight military style camping bivy. It's rainfly protects you from outside moisture while its mesh covering gives you enough air to breathe safely. Keep reading to find out why you should have this tent with you on your next excursion.

About The Product

Solo campers love the Snugpak Ionosphere tent. It's a compact 1-person tent shelter that is great for removing unwanted elements from getting inside the tent. This tent is on Amazon and currently sold at a price around $149.

Snugpak The Ionosphere Tent Entry

The first thing consumers tend to notice is the tent's easy to set up design. For instance, users take about 15 minutes to get the tent in working condition fully. Simply remove the tent, set up stakes on the ground and attach the loops to ensure that your tent remains on the ground. Technical specs:

  • check
    Compact camping tent
  • check
    50D polyester no see mesh
  • check
    NSL anodized poles
  • check
    Single entry and other areas are tarped
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    1-person shelter

The tent comes with an outer waterproof layer that is placed in the inner mesh of the tent and is secured via lightweight aluminum stakes. Once fully erect, the tent gives a stable and weather resistant form of shelter that has great ventilation.

We also notice the low profile of the tent. The tent's dimensions are at 94.5 x 35.4 x 102.4. This gives your tent enough room to fit your body while also protecting you from bad weather and harsh winds.

Snugpak The Ionosphere Tent Instructions

This low profile tent should be considered if you want to stay protected while out in the wild due and remain low enough to be unaffected by light rain, snow, and other ailments.

The Snugpak Ionosphere is tailored for those camping in wooded mountainous and woodland regions. Its olive color allows the tent to help users blend in with their surroundings and provide the camouflage they need. Get this tent because its concealability will help you stay undetected while in the field.

This tent is recommended for solo campers or people who don't want a luxurious tent. For example, it's single entry only allows for one user to fit inside the tent. Its compact size gives you enough space to move and sleep around in.

But, there's one thing that consumers could not stop complaining about. The tent isn't free standing on its own. This means that you'll have to use stakes to keep the tent propped up. Consider buying an extra pair of stakes and a hammer if you plan on camping with this tent.

Everyone loves the Snugpak Ionosphere Tent. It's designed for simple usage and has a strong water proof covering which aids at preventing the tent from getting fully drenched. Buy this tent today if you're serious about remaining safe and protected when on your next camping trip.

Buying Advice

There are some key things to look for when buying a new tent:

Tub Floors

Your camping tent should have some water proof material with it for protection. It should have a height that comes a few inches right above the sides before the tent is sewn into the tent's walls. If there's no seam in the floor, then water can't seep inside of your tent.

Snugpak The Ionosphere Tent On Grass

Stake Loops

Your tent should have belt loops that are at the base, center, corners, and sides of the tent. The loops need to be large enough to fit large stakes inside of it. We suggest that you get material stake loops for your tent. Plastic stakes tend to break once hit with the force of a hammer.

Aluminum Poles

Some tent models consist of fiber glass poles, but they are more likely to break because of their low durability. Because of this, it's best to get a tent with aluminum poles. These poles are great because they don't break and if they do wear, you can easily replace them.

Tips To Extend Your Tent's Life

Don't store food inside of your tent, and never plan on eating inside of the tent either. The smell of the food will attract unwanted critters inside of your tent attempting to steal it.

If your camping area has a picnic table, you and your group should eat there and store the rest of the food inside of the car. But, if your tent has an attached screen area, you can eat there, but immediately clean up the area to prevent insects such as bugs, and ants from entering your tent.

Get a separate screen room to serve as an eating area if your area is prone to be infested with insects. This allows you to have a safe room to eat while keeping your main camping grounds free from outside pests.

Use the ground cloth that comes included with the tent. They are foot tarps that are made a few inches less than the base of your camping tent. Ground cloth helps by saving your tent's floors from rocks, sticks, and other ailments.

Snugpak The Ionosphere Tent


Also, they help by keeping your tent safe from the ground water. It prevents the water from seeping inside of your tent. While you can use a regular tarp, make sure to reach and tuck the edges of your tent. This prevents the rain from running down on the tent walls of the tarp is collected from underneath the tent.

After returning from a camping trip, keep your tent outside of your yard and allow it to air out to dry. Doing this prevents mildew and mold from entering your tent and causing long term damage.

Closing Remarks

For campers wanting a trustworthy tent, the Snugpak Ionosphere is your best bet. Featuring a sturdy protective outer covering and extra ground tarp to protect the users from encountering snags. Buy this tent if you're ready to enhance your experience the next time you go out camping.

Snugpak The Ionosphere Tent Review
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