Spectre Compact Take-Down Survival Bow

Man Carrying Spectre Compact Take-down Survival Bow and Arrow Set

Imagine yourself stuck in the wilderness. You hadn’t planned to be out here this long and you’ve run out of food rations. What’s the best way to have access to food that’s fresh, nutritious, and plentiful? Having your very own hunting bow will give you an entrance to the wildlife surrounding you so that you never have to worry about going hungry.

Traditional hunting bows can be tricky to operate, and they’re often bulky and heavy to carry around. When you’re operating one in a survival situation or holding onto it for a day when you might need it in an emergency, you want something light, convenient, and easy to use.

Although a compact bow can be convenient, it doesn’t mean it should be poor in quality. With superior materials such as fiberglass and resin, you’re given a light touch when operating but a durable build too.

This is where the Spectre Compact Take-Down Survival Bow ticks all of the boxes.

About The Product

The Spectre Compact Take-Down Survival Bow is exactly as the name implies; a compact, convenient hunting bow that allows you to carry it on you with ease.

These bows were created to be used in a survival situation, in the chance that you may find yourself in the outdoors without any food to eat.

Spectre only sells limited products currently, but the Compact Take-Down Survival Bow is a good indication of their quality emergency gear.

Spectre Compact Take-Down Package Content

Whether you want to store one away in your emergency preparedness kit or carry it in your car, you’ll be extremely grateful if the day ever comes where you need to use it.

This compact survival bow and arrow is full of some great features, making it a standout product in the range of survival and emergency accessories.

  • This compact design was created in the US, so you can be sure you’re getting the best local craftsmanship and ingenuity;
  • Each purchase of the Spectre Compact Take-Down Survival Bow also comes with three arrows for use when hunting, giving you ample opportunity to score yourself some fresh food;
  • The bow is strong enough for a 50/55lb draw so it’s not as flimsy as other survival style weapons that are available. With this strength of draw you’re able to catch small game, and even some larger animals such as deer with the right precision.
  • These devices are made with fiberglass ambidextrous riser and fiberglass limbs so they suit all types of users;

If you’ve been searching for something simple yet effective to add to your survival kit, this Compact Take-Down Survival Bow from Spectre is just the accessory you need. It’s easy to assemble, simple to fire and can store away conveniently whenever it’s not in use.

What Customers Say

Upon first glance at the Spectre bow and arrows, you’ll be surprised at how compact it can be when deconstructed. As it breaks down into three pieces you’re able to store it away quite nicely.

Man In Forest Shooting With Survival Bow

Although the bow itself is the perfect size to carry around discreetly and compactly, the arrows could benefit from being a take-down style as well. Due to their full-length size, the entire product as a whole is not as compact as you might hope.

Shooting this bow and arrow packs far more of a punch than you might imagine from such a lightweight device, so the quality is evident as soon as you put it to use. It’s recommended to have a few practice shots before packing it away in your survival kit as you’ll need to be sure you know how to operate it effectively.

When compared to other lightweight survival bows, the reviews for this one speak for themselves. Consumers were more than happy with what they received for the price and were surprised at how much of a draw it was able to achieve. For a simple but effective lightweight bow and arrow, the Spectre has certainly impressed a lot of people.

Buying Advice

Once you’ve shopped around and decided on the Spectre Survival Take-Down Bow to accompany your emergency preparedness kit, the smartest place to purchase it is through Amazon. Not only will you be treated to their excellent customer service, but you can purchase the bow and arrows for a reduced price of just under $85.

Shipping, unfortunately, is a little costly with this, for a little under $15, but if you want to purchase more than one bow at a time and keep them stored in a few different places you can combine the cost of shipping on these. The bow comes with one-year limited warranty, so you’ll need to be cautious with where and how you use it.

Spectre Compact Take-down Survival Bow and Arrow Set

If you’re in the market for other survival gear that can get you through a night or two in the wilderness, perhaps consider a paracord emergency bracelet so that you can employ fishing into part of your hunting mission as well.

The Final Verdict

The Spectre Survival Take-Down Bow offers everything you could ever ask for in a piece of survival hunting gear. Not only is the design compact and sleek, but it packs a far more powerful punch than you could guess just by looking at it.

Made from a mix of resin and fiberglass, this bow and arrow will last you for many years. As with most survival accessories, though, you hope that they day never comes when you will have to put it to the test.

This bow is a wise investment for many different reasons, whether you want to pack it away in your emergency prepper kit or take one along as a spare on hunting or camping trips. With one of these in your kit, you’ll feel the absolute peace of mind that your next fresh meal is just a few arrows away. 

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Spectre Compact Take-Down Survival Bow
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