Survival Shack Emergency Survival Shelter Tent

Survival Shack Emergency Survival Shelter Tent

Perhaps the most important part of surviving through wild weather, natural disasters, or any other emergency situation is keeping you and your loved ones sheltered from the outside world. No prepper’s kit would be complete without a solid survival shelter tent so it’s not a product you want to consider lightly.

With a quality survival shelter tent, you’ll be protected from harsh weather conditions and kept warm and dry, without having to lug around a huge shelter. Your tent should be easy to assemble, particularly in a hurry, and compact enough to store away in your backpack or home for when you need it most.

The Survival Shack Emergency Survival Shelter not only provides you with all of that but does so with a quality product at a fraction of the usual price. If you’re looking for a superior piece of equipment for your emergency survival kit, this one can’t be passed over.

About The Product

In an emergency situation, your shelter is one of the most important things to consider. Without warmth, comfort, and protection from harsh external factors, the rest of your survival kit will be obsolete.

Emergency Survival Shelter Tent

Sharp Survival creates a whole range of supplies intended to put in your emergency preparedness survival kit or take along on camping, boating, or outdoor adventures. This survival shack shelter has been designed for two people, and has some great features which make it a must-have accessory:

  • Made from mylar thermal material which allows you to keep 90% of your body heat in the tent so it’s perfect for colder climates. This material was designed by NASA so you know it’s got quality and ingenuity behind it;
  • This sturdy material is also wind and weatherproof, so need to worry about water getting inside your tent;
  • 8 x 5 feet tent constructions means you can easily fit two people inside the shelter, or one person more comfortably;
  • Sets up in just minutes with a simple rope mechanism making it ideal for emergency situations where time may not be available;
  • Reusable product unlike other disposable shelters on the market, so there’s no need to purchase a new one if the need ever arises.

The Sharp Survival Emergency Survival Tent has been created to suit a range of people. Whether you want to have one stored away in your prepper’s kit, or take it along with you on hiking and camping trips for peace of mind.

What Customers Say

As one of the most important parts of our emergency preparation, finding the right shelter can be hard work. You want something that’s lightweight, easy to use, and with quality construction, and the Sharp Survival tent has definitely ticked all the boxes.

Setting Up Tent

Based on hundreds of reviews for this product, the overwhelming response is that customers are happy with what they received. The most impressive part of this product is the mylar thermal material, designed by NASA. Customers have been seriously impressed with how well it keeps the harsh weather out and the occupants inside warm and safe.

While you won’t have room to move around, keep in mind that these survival tents are for survival only. They’re here to get you through a tough situation and not provide a roomy luxurious experience. You can keep one in your car as well, just for that added peace of mind.

The main concern with this product was that once it had been used, it was difficult to fold it back as neatly and compact as it came packaged. This may take some time to do, but for most people where this is being stored away in an emergency preparation kit, hopefully, there’ll never even be the need to open the package in the first place.

Buying Advice

As a must have accessory for your emergency preparedness kit, owning a survival shelter tent is crucial for being prepared. Whether you want to keep it around the home or carry it along with you on your next hike, it’s extremely compact and lightweight but without losing any of its effectiveness.

You can purchase this product on Amazon for an astonishingly cheap price of under $8. Considering it usually costs around $15, it’s far more affordable through this website. Not only is it cheap, but that includes free shipping when you spend over a certain amount so there are no extra hidden costs.

Survival Shack Emergency Survival Shelter Tent

Sharp Survival prides themself on their customer service, and if there are any issues with your tent they’ll gladly replace or refund it. Their products are all guaranteed to be of the best quality and craftsmanship, as this is one area where you don’t want to skimp on quality.

While you’re browsing online you can check out their other survival gear if you’re looking for any extra additions to your emergency preparedness kits, you might just be able to add some other quality pieces to your collection. Sharp Survival offers high quality and affordable products to suit all of your emergency needs,


When you’re shopping for the shelter accessory to put in your prepper kit or hiking bag, the Survival Shack Emergency 2 Person Tent is a must have. This product provides adequate and quality protection from harsh elements and is designed to keep you and a loved one safe and sound if a disaster occurs.

Selecting the items for your emergency preparedness kit shouldn’t be taken lightly, but with a product like this from a reputable survival gear supplier will put your mind at ease that you’ll be protected if the need ever arises.

Overall, this emergency tent from Survival Shack is the ideal way to stay dry, warm, and safe in all weather conditions, and all provided in a compact and affordable product. Considering the low price tag and overwhelmingly positive reviews, this is a must have staple for your prepper kit, and you can purhcaaase yours here.

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