Survival Waterproof Paracord Watch

NEW Tactical Outdoor Waterproof Survival Paracord SR101 Ohsen Watch by Southern Retail

If you like the outdoors and enjoy a bit of exploration in your spare time, you’re probably a fan of packing light. Whether it’s hiking, camping, fishing, or spending the weekend in your isolated cabin, the thought that you might become stranded always plays in the back of your mind.

Even for those who stay close to home but want to be reassured their loved ones would be safe if a crisis ever occurred, there are some simple things you can do keep yourself covered. The latest trend in survival gear is paracord bracelets and watches, and these handy little accessories are made to be there for emergency situations.

However, if you’ve scoured the internet for a stylish and rugged paracord bracelet and found that others just appear cheap, flimsy, and not rugged enough to meet your style, this Southern Retail Survival Waterproof Paracord Watch is the item for you.

About The Product

While there are certainly some great paracord watches and bracelets available, you’ve probably already noticed that what a lot of them are lacking is true quality and style. Southern Retail have not only assembled a paracord watch that’s full of functionality and life-saving accessories, but also one that looks rugged and stylish at the same time.

Starting Fire With Waterproof Survival Paracord
  • Each watch features superior strength paracord which can be used for a variety of applications including Firestarter flint, fishing line, and first aid equipment to fashion together slings and tourniquets;
  • With a variety of colors available for the Southern Retail Waterproof Paracord Watch, you can find one to suit your personal style, and even mix and match as you see fit;
  • Additional accessories included in this paracord watch include a flashlight, whistle, compass, and stopwatch, giving you more than just one use;
  • This watch has been crafted with waterproof and shock resistant features so it’s able to withstand the rugged wear and tear that can be expected in the outdoors.

Southern Retail stock a range of products, but most notable is their collection of survival watches. These watches are intended for outdoor types who like to have some extra protection in case things go awry, and also for those who keep their emergency preparedness in check.

By wearing one of these stylish paracord watches you have on you at all times a few of the most important tools and accessories that can save your life in an emergency. The best part is, they’re all contained in a stylish and non-bulky timekeeping accessory.

What Customers Say

Although it comes with a larger price tag than most standard paracord bracelets, you can instantly feel the quality of the cord in this product. Given that it’s military grade paracord, it will outlast most of the other competitors which use a cheaper and less tensile band.

Waterproof Survival Paracord String

If the online reviews are anything to go by, this watch not only looks great but it feels amazing too. Other than providing a comfortable and portable survival kit that you can wear on your wrist, you’ll also get the rugged style it brings as well.

One thing to be aware of when purchasing this watch, and many other paracord bracelets, is that the wrist band isn’t adjustable. It’s made to a universal size, but that won’t always fit well for everyone. The latch can also be difficult to maneuver, but it does get easier after a few tries. There’s also no manual attached with the product purchase, but you can refer to the Amazon page for this.

A huge benefit of this watch is the waterproofing and shock resistant qualities, which suits the outdoors type perfectly. Whether you want to keep it stored away and hope you’ll never have to use it in an emergency, or wear it in your day to day life, it’s nice to know you have something durable enough to make a real difference.

Buying Advice

If you’re sold by the reviews and want to try out the rugged and functional Southern Retail Paracord Survival Watch for yourself, the best place to purchase is Amazon. You’ll be gifted with free shipping, and even have the option to get express shipping for no extra cost too.

The watch is currently on sale for a reduced price of under $65, and you won’t get it for better value than that. Most paracord bracelets retail for around $20, but without the quality and functionality that this one can offer. The military grade paracord and waterproof and shock resistant features make it far greater value for money.

NEW Tactical Outdoor Waterproof Survival Paracord SR101 Ohsen Watch by Southern Retail

Southern Retail also offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of their products, so if there’s something about this survival paracord watch that isn’t to your liking they will gladly refund or replace the watch. You can’t get much better than that for a guarantee, and it only speaks to its quality.

The Verdict

After looking through so many survival watches and bracelets available online, it’s nice to find one that seems to be of better quality. The price tag is a little more than the standard bracelets, but you’re paying for durability and style. With the option to choose from a range of colors, this can be so much more than just a handy accessory.

If you’re looking to hop on board with the trend of paracord watches and bracelets, you really can’t go past this one. This watch would be a top pick among the many on the market that encompass survival gear with stylish accessories, so to get the Southern Retail Paracord Survival Watch for yourself click here.

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