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I believe my The Lost Ways Review will give you the exact figures and fact about this fantastic survival book. Considered to be the best survival guide on the market, The Lost Ways Review has been edited in the old fashion but ideal for the modern world people.

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The Loste Ways Review –
What is The Lost Ways Survival Book?

The Lost Ways is a survival book that guides on ways to survive through any calamity by improvising and living in the same way our great ancestors lived. This is a book that offers a basic understanding of how human beings can survive catastrophes like war, famine, natural disasters, economic decline and much more.

It is a book that prepares the readers with basic life skills of surviving such catastrophes. Our forefathers survived some of the worst conditions without the modern luxuries like electricity, phones, cooking facilities, refrigeration and much more. Can we survive in the same manner they did if things turned for the worst?

Let’s find out what the book has to offer preppers and if it is an excellent choice.

Before we get right into the fact and figures of the Lost Ways, make sure you read my review to the end as there are some interesting facts you will learn.

At the end of my review, I have highlighted some CONSUMER ALERTS on reviews by dodgy sites that have no idea about this book. You should not be among those that are tricked into visiting such sites through fake reviews that don’t educate the consumer on both the good and the bad of the book. I have reviewed thousands of eBooks and products and can easily tell a genuine book from a scam.

I have bought this book and read it from page one to page 304 and can review it with confidence giving you the facts. In the end, it is upon you to do due diligence before investing your money in any eBook. However, I hope that the Lost Ways review will help you make that important decision to buy or not to buy.

Let’s start with a basic overview of the book.

The Lost Ways is a convenient eBook for all individuals looking to learn basic survival skills that were popular in the old times. I’m not going to stress the importance of preparing for disaster as I believe you already know that if you’re reading this review. This Book will equip you with skills to deal with all forms of catastrophes with a wide array of information and methods used by our ancestors.

The author of the Book Claude Davis looks at how modern conveniences have made humanity too complacent. You can agree with me that modern technology has made life too comfortable and straightforward. People are no longer prepared for the worst events in a world where money buys them everything they need.
Just take a moment and imagine what will happen if your money becomes useless overnight!!

You will not be able to buy food, water, medicine and other essentials. People will panic and start looting as food and water become scarce. Are you prepared to do barter trade for survival? Even the most important question is whether you can grow and preserve your own food to see you through such calamities.

This book tells it to our face that we’ve lost the important survival skills that our forefathers had, and it is time we learned them again. We can never be complacent and hope that everything will always remain the same. When power, communication and governance system break down, only people with proper survival skills will make it.

The survival things our forefathers did appeared essential to them but might prove a challenge to most of us. With calamities surrounding us everywhere, this book looks to address a very important area where every person needs to be prepared. Claude Davis has carefully selected topics that modern people should learn to cope with any calamity. Some of these topics include:

  • How to build a self-feeding fire
  • How to make hardtack biscuit which was used as a survival food in the U.S Civil War
  • How to make Pemmican
  • Medicine
  • Fuel and illumination
  • Building smokehouses to preserve food
  • Long-term water storage and purification
  • How to make firearms and gunpowder. You also get to learn what to do when you run out of bullets
  • Soap and toothpaste making
  • Tips on how to set animal traps and catch an assortment of animals
  • Cooking nutritious foods using ingredients by Native American scouts
  • How Americans built underground houses

Well, these are just a few of the things to learn from the book but as I said earlier, it is a comprehensive 350-page book, so there is a lot more to learn.

In the exact words of Claude Davis, it is time Americans went back to their roots and learned to live like their forefather.

What specific things can you learn from the Lost Ways by Claude Davis?

I believe the best way to review a book and give the reader useful information is to tell them exactly what they expect to learn from the book.

There has been an increasing demand for survival guides over the years something that led Claude Davis to create the best survival guide to help you acquire survival techniques that were in use several years back. This lost ways review will help you acquire and re-discover the various survival skills you need to learn. There are thousands of beneficial tricks and tips that can help you survive both human-made and natural disasters which have become quite common nowadays. While most of these disasters are manageable by governments, you don’t want to wait until everything breaks down to learn these skills.

Think of the things you will need to survive when the government is no longer working, there is no power, food and every system has you knew it breaks down. How will you survive?

Here are the basic things the book educates you on;

  1. Housing: In times of disaster, housing is a major concern and Claude Davis looks to address that by educating the readers on constructing underground houses. He goes ahead and gives you clear illustrations of these houses. They are big houses as used by Native Americans and can comfortably shelter a family of four.
  2. Food: Food is a widely covered topic in the Lost Ways book since it is another basic need that we cannot do without especially in times of disaster. Page 27-29 talks about the survival hardtack biscuit used during the U.S Civil War. Page 37—49 talks about the recipes from the 18th century that have been lost through time. He then goes on to educate the readers on making pemmican and several nutritious recipes that will prove vital in keeping you healthy. These recipes are from simple and readily available ingredients that were used by Native American scouts.
  3. Water: water collection, storage and filtration are other important areas that have been covered in the Lost Ways eBook. In times of war and calamities, water becomes scarce and hard to get. However, you will learn how to easily collect and store it without spending a penny.
  4. Traps: Setting up traps is an alternative way to get a steady supply of food when there is shortage. While our forefather trapped for money by selling fur, you will need both the fur and meat from these animals to survive. Here, you will learn the best places to trap various animals and different types of traps to use.
  5. Poultices: Making poultices is practiced up to now in most third world countries where access to medical services is not available. In the Lost Ways Guide, you will learn how to easily make poultices with the same ingredients used by our forefathers. Poultices can help heal skin pains, inflammation, swelling, cuts, aching and much more.
  6. Bullets: This is another important area where you will learn how to preserve bullets and never run out of them during a crisis. It is another extensive area where Claude teaches the reader what to do when they run out of bullets.

Important points to note about the Claude Davis Lost Ways Book

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Product cost and shipping cost

The only payment made is the one-time $37.00, and the book will be emailed to you for downloading. This means there are no shipping costs unless you also want a hard copy. $8.99 is charged for shipping the hard copy.

The File Format

The Lost Ways digital eBook is downloaded as a PDF format that can then be read online. This format is compatible with most desktops, laptops, iPhones, tablets, and iPads making it readily available to you everywhere. It can also be read on other devices that support PDF.

Availability on Amazon: NO

Refund policy

The survival Lost Ways Claude Davis pdf is backed by a 60-day money back guarantee where you get 100 percent refund with no questions asked.

Security of payments and refunds online

Clickbank employs some of the best-encrypted technologies to secure your financial information when making a purchase or receiving a refund.

Benefits of the Lost Ways Survival Book

1) This is the most comprehensive guide on the market
The Lost Ways by Claude Davis is by far the most comprehensive survival guide on the internet, and you will be getting good value for your money. There is no single that offers such a wide range of information on topics like EMP, economic breakdown, blackouts, drought and so much more. This survival book contains a wide range of tips and tricks on survival than other guides giving users useful survival information.
2) Tips that are relatable
The guide offers very relatable tips that you can also use in the day-to-day life and when there are catastrophes. Tips on collecting water and storing it safely can save you on water bills. Other amazing tips and tricks on food and medication can also help you in your daily life. Everything ingredient and raw material in the book is readily available and affordable.

3) Practical information
This book does not speak of things out of this world but things that are practical and can easily be done by the modern people. Claude Davis is not educating you to live the way our forefathers did but instead wants to have those skills and apply them when there is a need. It is worth noting our ancestors were DIY kind of persons doing everything they wanted. They never relied on the modern luxuries which were not available to them. He is trying to change the complacent nature of the modern people to make them more of the DIY people. Overall, he wants us to be more efficient and dependent on ourselves.

4) An impressive 60-day money back guarantee
What this means is that you can recoup your entire money if you don’t like this book for whatsoever reasons. There are no questions asked. This goes to show the confidence in Claude Davis as he knows he is offering a book with great value to the readers. It is a risk-free opportunity for you to try within 60 days.

5) Helps you achieve a healthy life
The various nutritious recipes in the book can be applied in day-to-day life helping you live a healthy lifestyle. There are no artificial ingredients in this book, and everything is obtained naturally and affordable.

6) The Lost Ways program is cheap and easy to apply
This is a relatively inexpensive program costing a one-time fee of 37 dollars. Claude Davis does not believe in making huge money investments when preparing for survival. The book can help you change your spending habits as you eliminate daily visits to supermarkets. You can be sure of reducing the stress of money when using this program.

What are the disadvantages of the Lost Ways Book?

Well, this book does have some downsides. Some of the main cons of the Lost Ways book include;

• There are no videos or audios in the book.
• There are no immediate results when using this book. One must take time and energy to apply the tips and tricks explained in the book. If you’re the lazy type of a person, then this book might not help you much.
• This book is quite detailed which means spending a lot of time to read and apply whatever Claude Davis has written.


When you order the Claude Davis Lost Ways book, you get two bonuses on top to make it a valuable buy. These bonuses are:
• Step by Step Guide to Build a Can Rotation System; this helps you save a lot of money in the long-term
• A guide on what every survivalist should grow in his backyard. There are several tips on this bonus book on how to grow the most nutritious plants and harvest them.



I cannot finish my Lost Ways review without warning you on various fake discounts, fake free downloads and counterfeit reviews by some very shady sites that want to increase their traffic. You need to know how to identify such sites and protect yourself.

Here are some consumer alerts you need to be aware of when you come across the Lost Ways Review;

1. The Free Download Alert
Sites with titles like ‘The Lost Ways Free Book Download’ should be avoided as this book is not free. There is no such a thing as a free download of the Lost Ways. This book retails at $37.00 which comes with a 60-day money back guarantee. Don’t be lured by fake Lost Ways free downloads. Stay alert safe and buy the book from the official Lost Ways site.

2. The free discount alert
This is another tricky sites use to make you click on their link with the hope of getting a 50% discount on the book. There is no such a thing, and once you click on the link, you will just be directed to the usual $37 cost of the book. Some of these fake discount claims can be found on some very shady sites and YouTube Channels.

Apart from the fake discounts, I have also seen sites that inflate the price to something like $147 and then claim to offer a 75% discount to lure you into buying. This is another lie as the Lost Ways sell at a fixed price of 37 dollars.

3. The Fake Scam Alert
There are also sites that use words like ‘The Lost Ways Book: Another SCAM to draw your attention into their site. Other go by the word, ‘The Lost Ways Review, Is Claude Davis a scammer’? SCAM titles are clever tactics used by some people to get you interested in visiting their site. Once you’re on their site, you will not find any scam news but a positive review of the book which leaves one to wonder why start by the SCAM words?

4. The Fake Review Alert
Fake reviews are pretty common especially on sites where one has not even read the book but wants to review it. You can easily identify fake lost ways reviews by looking for generic and poorly written content. Such reviews usually do not have the specifics of the book. Don’t rely on such reviews with general statements seen on the Sales Page.

5. The Fake Extra Special Bonus Package Alert
Well, there are only two bonuses when you buy this review, and you don’t pay anything to get them. However, some clever site owners have come up with tricks of SUPER SPECIAL BONUS PACKAGES to lure you into buying the book through their link. They promise to offer you several eBooks worth over $400 once you buy through their link. You only need to ask why get bonus books worth over $400 for just buying a $37 book?

Usually, these are useless books with Private Label Rights that you can easily find online for free. Stay clear of such sites as these are people looking to get your email for marketing purposes.

Final Thoughts: Is the Lost Ways Worthy Buying?
Overall, this is a detailed survival guide with useful information for people of all ages to benefit. Personally, I highly recommend it as it talks about tips that will keep you and your family safe regardless of a disaster or no disaster. Claude Davis has gone an extra mile and offered a plethora of information on a single piece making this by far the best survival guide online.

You can download your copy today and be a survivalist for life!

Get your copy today and outlive any catastrophes. There is nothing to lose as you’re backed by a 60-day full money back guarantee. Your investment of 37 dollars is save, and you have nothing to lose placing your order today.

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