The Mentality of a Survivor

The Mentality of a Survivor
The Mentality of a Survivor

It is no secret that many of us yearn to attain and reach a higher, more successful level in life. A desire to attain a better version of ourselves, striving to fight to create an idealistic image of all that we hoped and dreamt of becoming. There’s no denying that this is a fantastic and positive way of thinking, and that everyone should work on becoming a better person, both in and out. But sadly, as some of you might sadly confirm, these strivings and aspirations often simply remain just that. They transform into dreams and yearnings.

Some of you may have tried to embark on the undeniably difficult path of re-forging and renewal, but never found enough of motivation, courage and strength to make it all the way. And dreams remained dreams. In this short article we will try to delve deeper into the psychology and the mentality of a true warrior, of a survivor that does not wish to give up, and instead desires to adapt, to forge himself and persevere in times of difficulty.

Because, let’s face it, when times are tough, in no matter the scenario – be it ordinary life or survival – the weak and those who won’t try will never find success.  So, in a way, this article is crucial for all the survivors and those interested in preparedness – it deals with preparing yourself both mentally and physically for anything that may come in the future. Never be caught off guard!

The Warrior Attitude

This segment mentions the very important aspect and the theme around which we revolve in this entire article – the warrior attitude.

Begin by approaching your situation, and the difficulty or displeasure that made you strive towards improvement. Are you dissatisfied by your physical appearance? Lazy, unfit, no strength? Do you think you got what it takes to survive the hardships of nature? Or maybe you like thinking ahead. Wishing to prepare yourself for the inevitable difficulties that await us in the future days to come. You know that weakness will eventually mean your demise. Whatever the case, a desire for improvement is a healthy, logical need, and you should stop dreaming about being a survivor and a warrior who is fit and ready for many difficulties. You should instead begin walking the road that will take you there. Remember – nothing good in life comes at an easy price. This road is difficult. It will require time, patience, strength. It will bring pain, tiredness and a test of your resolve and mental strength. But it is a good fight. In the end the benefits will be many and great.

The Inner Fight

Arguably, the mental, inner fight comes before the physical, outer fight. This is because; in order to successfully find that necessary strength and motivation to continue when it gets hard you need to have a strong mindset, a resolution of a warrior, someone who won’t give up. Place a goal before yourself – affix a guiding image of the success you want to achieve, and tell yourself that you will attain it. No matter what. Never forget that willpower is key. It is the greatest weapon of real, successful persons. Because if you really desire something, nothing will stop you from reaching out and grabbing it. Whether it is greater knowledge, or a strong, fit body, or greater ability to sustain exertion, you can do it. Train your mind to drop the doubts and negative thoughts. It won’t come overnight, but it will come nonetheless. Push yourself towards that first step and you will be surprised how easier it is to take the second one.

The Outer Fight

For all those of you realized that you lack what it needs in terms of body strength, fitness and weight – know that this realization is the crucial first step towards improvement. A true warrior is more than just physical or just mental strength. A true warrior is a powerful and effective combination of the two, intertwined into a symbiotic relationship. This means you will have to work on the both aspects. There is no doubt that rigorous and committed physical training is harder in most aspects. The first stages will be hard and grueling, but the benefits visible and felt soon after. Commit to a regime, a planned out training for 5-6 days per week. You can do it at home with basic necessities, or you can visit your local gym. Consider running as well. Running is important to raise the level of your ability to withstand greater physical exertion. Whatever your choice and plan, stick to it and don’t give up. Keep that survivor and warrior image in your head, and imagine, and believe - that you cannot quit.

The Road to Contentment

Once you embark on the warrior’s path, you will never want to turn back or stop. You will feel that desire to keep moving forward, leaving behind you all the bad aspects, all the negativity that first compelled you to begin moving on. And as the Roman poet Juvenal once said – “Mens sana in corpore sano” – “Sound mind in a sound body”, so will you realize the truth behind his proverb. The positive effect that continuous physical training  has on the mindset, world view and general everyday mentality, will quickly show you that you truly are – on the road to contentment.

Featured image: nonawank Survivant (CC license)

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