The Way of the Paleo Survival – Part III – The Warrior Mentality

paleo warrior mentality
warrior mentality


There is a hidden acceptance in every one of us, a sort of subconscious knowledge of the truth on which is based the very foundation of humanity. That truth is hidden in a simple world, bearing complex secrets. The word is strength. And this hidden thing we all know deep down inside us, is that in a stripped-down world of harshness, survival and fighting for life, the ones who make it through are the warriors, the select few – unburdened by weaknesses, unhindered by pity and remorse. In them is mirrored every aspect of nature with which they became one. Both the hidden beauty, and the unavoidable harshness. And once the day comes when everything goes downhill, ask yourself: Will you be the one to live?

Accepting the Hard Truth 

To begin reflecting on this question, and ultimately attempting to walk on this path of renewal and forging of a warrior, we must face the difficult, universal truths that nature carries. When we begin (and remember, sometimes we begin without even knowing it) walking this path of perfecting ourselves, we unavoidably shed the excesses of everyday comforts. We must realize and accept that, in the end, a life of a rugged warrior is entwined with solitude, and that all the benefits of a perfected life come at a cost. In the wilderness, this truth is manifested in the lifestyle that the nature dictates. The primal conditions of life are a two-fold change – both body and mind are affected. To kill, to accept solitude, to know hunger, to forget the modern comforts – can you accept this difficult, dictated way of life, and thrive as you do?

The Law of Nature 

Talking of the warrior’s way, we should certainly reflect on the unyielding and incorrigible law of nature. And as hard as it might sound, the whole of this primordial law is centered simply on – death. It is the nature’s grim judge and lawgiver, an ancient axis around whom all of her aspects revolve and renew in an eternal, perpetual mechanism. It is a great subject of meditation, and has captivated great minds for centuries, but yet, we can all accept certain aspects of the relationship between death and nature – man included.

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A large part of the hard earned warrior mentality has to do with death. Accepting it as a key aspect of everything that surrounds us is crucial to attaining the survivor mindset. Death itself is reflected in the warrior’s image, for in the end from it comes life. When an animal, another creature dies, the warrior lives on. When the warrior is no more, he is again one with the nature, he gives his flesh to the soil. And so the wheel of the nature’s harsh law is complete and always turning. From death comes life.

The 21st Century Warrior 

You might ask yourself: “How exactly can we fit the mindset of a Paleolithic warrior into the modern, comfortable age?” or perhaps, “How can we experience the true way of a warrior’s life with all these accessories and equipment?”. And you are right to ask that question. Why neglect or deny the comforts and accessories we have today? Know that we would never advise you to abandon them, or put yourself in danger. Simply remember that perhaps, these comforts will not always be at our disposal. Moreover, while we might have modern equipment, we must realize that nature is unchanged and unconquerable, no matter the modern tools. In the end, death is death, and nature’s law is immortal and will still have the same reflection on a man subjected to hardships and pain. So perhaps, as you seek the warrior’s way, it will find you first. Survival is still survival, everything else is merely a shade of a gradient. 

The Benefits of Hardship 

Ultimately, we will learn and cherish the hardships for their undeniable benefits. Remember the proverbs. When you fall you will rise again, and learn from your mistakes. Hardship is also a great teacher, and a powerful aid on the road of perfecting yourself. As time passes, and as you shed your weaknesses you will come to realize that through the toil you have reached a point from which we started this article, a point you started your journey to reach – strength. And once you realize the many facets of strength that are entwined through each aspect of a survivor’s life, you will know what you have attained – the warrior mentality.


We hope that through this article we could bring you closer to the rugged and often wrongly perceived face of a warrior, a truest form of a survivor. Think of it as abandonment. Abandonment of all comfort, unnecessary waste of time and effort on the path to life and another dawn. Likewise, I hope you, the reader, could perhaps even slightly glimpse into the Paleo mindset written of in these few articles. In the end we can all agree on one simple truth – sometimes we don’t need to look to the future for answers. They could already be in the past.

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