The Way of the Paleo Survival – Part I

Paleo Survival
Paleo Survival

What it all comes down to at some point, is a simple choice. Life is based on choices. The one we look at here, is whether we choose to look back, rely on attested and proven methods, or look forward, exploring new ways and breaking new grounds. Sometimes, the choice won’t be ours entirely. Maybe we will be pushed into a certain situation where the method for survival will be dictated. The options are many, but the methods are few. Carefully selected, refined and proven through the ages past.

In this article we would like to approach a new thought. To reflect on an old way of thinking, yet new in this day and age.

​The Primal Survivor

People choose the easier path. Logical, right? The modern day and age is filled to the brim with advanced, easy to use helpful tools and gadgets that make survival a whole degree easier. And, sure, in a way that is the whole point. Reaping the fruits of our modern time to benefit those in trouble and to brave and tame the wild.

But for the moment, let’s think in a different direction. Let’s reflect on the fact that there is a distinct possibility that not everyone will be able to use the wonderful tools we have at our disposal today. Either because of lack of knowledge, or their remoteness, lack of finance, or perhaps a disaster scenario that leaves them with only the shirt on their back. In these cases there is no amount of modern tools that will help – since they are not there.

Luckily, we’re here to write of the survival methods that will never go out of style.  And the tools and the equipment they employ – are everywhere we look. It’s the primal way of life – the paleo survival.

Back to the Roots

We enjoy the benefits of modern existence. We have all we need. Our earliest ancestors on the other hand, did not. Their entire lives were centered around survival – a fight for life that couldn’t stop. They had to adapt, use the nature around them, work in unison with it and craft. Whether it were weapons, clothes, shelters and tools, all were improvised, made from common natural items and refined to become the perfect survival tools. Bone and antler, stone and wood – the early men were the true, primordial survivors, the essential warriors. From the early Paleolithic all the way to the bronze age, men relied on the nature around them.

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With this article, we want to urge you to reflect on this. A way of surviving in the wilderness without any modern items – an imagining if you will. Imagine a situation in which nothing modern is at disposal. No steel, no iron, no cotton nor modern cloth. Just yourself and the vast nature around you – left to create a perfect reliance and symbiosis with one another.

The Crucible

This idea of paleo survival is in a sense a forge. A mirror for the true survivor. This way demands the ultimate sacrifice, the very best you have to offer. A complete rejection of the benefits of modern time, and an immersion into the primordial fight of the man. Undeniably, it is a hard way, but very much possible – in the end, men lived it for thousands of years.

Now, we are not saying you should leave all your tools at home and head out to Alaska in your shirt and jeans. This is more of a manual for a what-if scenario, in which you are stranded with nothing to aid you. But the truth couldn’t be simpler – you have all you could need served at your plate, ready to pick up and utilize. This is all about the utilization of the materials at our disposal. Think of stone, flint in particular. Or antler. Both are durable and though, perfect for a plethora of tools, and weapons too. Think wood and bone. Combined, all of these can be as potent a tool as anything we find on offer today. In the end, it all comes down to you, and your ability to spot, use and implement those things that nature gives you freely.

The Symbiosis of Man and Wild

We need to embrace the simplest of truths – nature cannot be tamed. Instead, we are made and perfected in way to conform to it, creating a perfect match, a symbiosis that benefits both parties involved. Now, this doesn’t mean we should take nature for granted. But rather learn to adapt to its harshness. In time, this harshness reflects in ourselves as we become more rugged and, let’s say “wilder”. But perhaps that is the only way for a true man of nature, a person truly able to function with ease in the harsh environments of the world. Wildness and ruggedness. A primordial mindset. Nature and nothing else.

In the end, with this article, we hopefully presented a basic introduction into a seldom explored mindset, and a neglected approach to survival – the ancient way. The mindset which we will hopefully explore further, shape it into an effective set of guidelines for a truly old-school survivor.

But ancient or not, and whether we like it or not, there are countless lessons we can learn from this earliest history of man. And truly, some of these lessons can still benefit us today.

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