What Does It Mean to Really Be Prepared?

Be Prepared
Be Prepared


A lot of people who consider preparedness or survival often fail to get deeper and ask the important questions. They take it all lightly and take it for granted without even scratching the surface. This is a common mistake that takes away the full benefits of being a true survivor, a fully prepared person.

Today we’re going to ask that question for them. And this question is crucial: What does it mean to really be prepared? Never to be caught off guard, weak and clueless. To be the best you can be in every possible survival scenario and always reach the positive outcome. And to always know exactly what you need to do to survive, thrive and live.

To fully answer this question we prepared an article packed with information and important outlines, each one thoroughly detailed in order to bring you the big picture – to get you as close as possible to the real meaning of the word “prepared” and the connection between survival and preparedness.

The Aspects of Preparedness

A fully prepared state is composed of many different aspects. When they are combined, we see that they all work together, depending on each other in order to deliver the best possible result. In order to master all these aspects, a survivor needs practice. Practice and self improvement. And those two take a lot of time and hard work, but in the end they will give you rewards that will be worth it.

So, what exactly are those important aspects that make a survivor complete? Let’s dive right into them, in order of importance.

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Five stages of “prepared” Body

Probably the most important factor for a successful survivor is his physical state. It is the foundation on which all the other aspects can stand. A prepared body is crucial, giving you a lot of benefits. Endurance, confidence and strength are just some of the many good traits. A healthy body is the basis for a healthy mind, as well as the source of strength you will need when rationing food, trekking, hunting or recovering. So this is the perfect starting point on your road to self improvement and preparedness. Get to the gym, hit the running track and get your diet balanced as the first step towards a perfect body.


From a re-forged body comes a developed and stable mind. A prepared mind is also the most important weapon in a survivor’s arsenal. A perfected and strong mindset beats any knife and any danger. The parts of this mindset are confidence, knowledge, rational thinking and an attitude focused on survival at any cost. It is centered on reason, a composed approach to solving every potential problem. In this stable mind panic has no place, and composure, leadership, rationality – are the keys to survival.


A sort of an offspring from your self-improvement of body and mind is the fulfilled spirit. It comes as anchor against all the turmoil that comes from survival and crisis situations. When you start examining your spirit, you became less dependent on material items, less affected by hardships. You become a part of the surroundings, and more resilient to everything. Dirt, hunger, cold and tiredness, all are less difficult when seen with a perfected attitude.


Whether we talk about outdoors survival, or preparedness for an urban economic crisis, one thing remains crucial – the equipment. It is the stability and a guarantee for every survivor. Always try to look ahead and equip yourself fully in advance. Good equipment can be personal items, utilities, gadgets and even mobile mechanization. Remember that quality tools are always worth the investment, so never hesitate to ensure your own safety.

In Tune With Yourself

On with the important questions. How can you know that you are really prepared? To reach that state where you can say that you have accomplished something, learned and experienced enough so that you can consider yourself ready to face any crisis, you need practice. Outdoors practice, learning, preparing. It takes a lot of time and a lot of dedication to actually learn.

The truth is that a lot can be learned from books and the internet, but it is just the tip of the iceberg. Consider hiking, camping, off-road driving or biking, climbing or remote hunting and fishing. Basically anything that includes spending time in the nature and relying on your own skills. No need to go to extremes – even a recreational hobby can teach you important lessons and leave you in shape for future, more serious scenarios.

That’s what we mean when we say that you need to be in tune with yourself. Not to allow yourself to be unprepared, clueless. You can’t simply stock up a basement full of long shelf life foods, and say “There, now I am prepared.” And then, when a crisis hits, you have no idea what else to do, besides having a lot of stored food. Being prepared is all about skills and knowledge. The ability to survive against all odds, to be a leader and a problem solver.

Looking Towards The Future

Those who consider preparedness and independence, will inevitably need to look to the future. This means that we need to have all the possible crisis scenarios covered. To be ready for anything, you will need to consider your country, its economy, your climate, geographic position, your wealth, health and knowledge. According to these, the possible future scenarios change, as does your ability to deal with them. Don’t think it’s silly to think about potential problems that can happen. Economic, natural and military crisis can happen anytime. Bankruptcy, war, earthquakes or floods, everything is possible.

So as we can see, being prepared is filled with different aspects that all together create a main mindset. It means being prepared physically and mentally, having the perfect equipment and attitude, and a practiced vision for the future. So in truth it takes a lot of time, resources and hard work to finally reach a state where you are one hundred percent prepared. And when the hard times come, you will want to be the one who survives, to stand out from the mass of regular “preppers” who simply stock up on food and think they’re ready for anything. They simply don’t want to invest time and hard work, in order to perfect themselves. Don’t be that person.

Conclusion – The Road to Success

We hope you can agree with us when we say that being prepared is a serious thing, a long journey that requires patience, dedication and practice. And as you master all the aspects we mentioned, you’re not only mastering your survival skills, you are also creating a refined, better version of yourself, a person that is capable, fulfilled, smart and desired.

And you’ll have to agree, that after all the effort, the struggle and hard work, all of that will be worth it. Because not only you perfected yourself, became a better person, but you also became a survivor – someone who can lead others to safety, survive against all odds and protect their family and friends. Someone who is on the road to success. Asking important questions and finding the best answers. Someone who is prepared.

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